How to choose the perfect management software for a startup

How to choose the perfect management software for a startup? What to take into account? Let’s find out in this dedicated in-depth study

A good management software it can make a difference to your team’s productivity and efficiency, but choosing the right product isn’t easy. Especially for the startup which, by choosing a high-performance software, they can accelerate their activities while saving time and money.

For this reason we have decided to draw up a small handbook, to help companies at the start of business to choose the perfect management software. If you are interested in learning more about the subject, we recommend that you also visit the website, one of the main Italian suppliers of management software and IT consulting.

Have an overview

Even if your startup is very small, you need to have a clear idea of ​​how you and your teams manage projects today. Identify your work process helps you get an accurate picture of what’s missing and what you can improve on.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • how long does it take your team to start a project?
  • does he have to face communication barriers?
  • how easily can it move through the workflow?
  • can you keep track of individual contributions to the project?
  • are all projects completed by the deadline?

These are questions that every company should ask themselves before choosing their management software. For startups, in particular, it is also crucial to evaluate important factors such as sector in which it operates, team size, typical project size and overall workload.

Analyze the technical capacity of your team

Not all teams are built equally, and not all founders of one startups have the same skills. For example, startup founders with an engineering background may be comfortable with tools that require technical knowledge, while founders with a humanities background may have difficulty working with them. Understanding the level of technical knowledge of your team is the ideal starting point for choosing your software.

Consider the budget

If you are running a startup, you know how much the budget accounts. And how important it is in making any decision. However, it cannot be your only yardstick: there are free or low-cost programs, which however have limited functionality and can be at most useful for testing the waters. Better to focus on management software that offers a free trial period, or perhaps a startup plan. Always try to weigh what benefits a program gives you, comparing them to its costs.

The characteristics of the “perfect” management software

Ease of use

A management software must be above all easy to use. So ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you easily navigate the interface?
  • Can you see all your deadlines in one place?
  • Do you need technical knowledge to use the software?

Only by answering these questions will you be able to understand if it is the right program for you.

Efficient management of activities

Good management software must allow you to divide the activities into smaller sub-activities, assigning to each its own Expiration date. This is an aspect that becomes fundamental especially when the number of businesses grows and that of employees too.

If you anticipate having to manage more complex workflows in the future, look for tools that allow you to customize them using specific features.

Easy deadline management

Make sure your management software offers a clear monitoring of deadlines: Only by delivering projects on time will your business be successful. Especially if many of your collaborators work remotely, or in any case outside the office, it is important that everyone has an eye on the times to be respected.

Possibility of collaboration

Typically, start-ups have a very small team. Which, however, is destined to grow. Therefore, the management software must give you the possibility of assign roles, to send notifications to your team, to allow participants to make changes and to insert feedback. The ability to comment and provide feedback on specific activities, while keeping the discussion contextual, is a crucial feature for any project team because it avoids having to intervene with endless email exchanges. Another feature to look out for is the ability to update a file with a new version to make sure your team always has access to the latest information.

Which business management software to choose

If you are looking for a business management software for your startup, Kalyos has what you need. Through its customized applications, it is in fact able to provide each activity with a customized management software based on the real needs of the company. Thus, you will be able to know and analyze your projects in real time, ensuring the best time management and compliance with deadlines.

Designed for SMEs, Os1 it is flexible, configurable, automated, customizable and scalable. Its open code responds to every need, thanks to the over 70 modules currently available, and thus allows you to optimize management times and reduce costs. In this way, you will launch your startup towards success.

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