Visa launches Financial Soccer: a football video game for financial education

Visa lancia Financial Soccer: un videogioco sul calcio per l’educazione finanziaria thumbnail

In view of the FIFA World Cup in November, Visa – Official Payment Technology Partner of FIFA – today presents the new version of the video game Financial Soccer. It is a way to combine business with pleasure by providing skills that will help players make informed and useful money management decisions. All, of course, in a fun way, choosing a national team of your choice to win the World Cup.

Visa’s stated goal is to spread the game to over 100 markets around the world, both before and after the November tournament begins. According to the company’s estimates, in fact, only one in three adults has a basic understanding of financial principles. “Visa believes it is essential to promote financial literacy as soon as possible to ensure greater financial well-being in adulthood,” reads a press release from the company.

“Access to education and financial knowledge is critical to helping individuals succeed in an increasingly digital world,” he says. MichelleGethers, Chief Diversity Officer e Head of Corporate Responsibility di Visa. “Visa is proud to show the potential of its partnership with FIFA on the world stage of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup and provide individuals and small businesses with a fun and engaging way to initiate or consolidate their financial education journey.”

How Financial Soccer works

The game is absolutely free – available at this link – and will lead players to the choice of a national football team. At that point users will be asked questions of a financial nature, in particular about money management. By answering correctly, through various levels of difficulty, you will have the opportunity to score a goal.

Some of the new features in Financial Soccer are:

  • Women’s soccer: introductions of women’s national teams
  • Game modes dedicated to personal and small business finance: For the first time, the game will include a new mode for small business owners, with questions about starting and running a business, budgeting and more.
  • Mobile friendly: In addition to the official website, players can now download the game for free on iOS and Android devices.
  • Also available in Italian