Vivo Chip Imaging V1: the first chip for technological innovation

At a press event in Shenzhen, China, vivo unveiled the new Imaging Chip V1. Let’s see together what it is

The V1 Imaging Chip is the result of a development phase time 24 months he was born in work from 300 people of the department R&D ed experts of the laboratory from vivo imaging. In near future, the approach of vivo towards an innovative technology from image processing (IP) at the chip level will be about principally its four strategic assets: image system, operating system, industrial design e performance. From the point of view of Hu, vivo will consider it chip development with other partners if, for example, the need to make up for it to one lack of supply of the market or if you will have need to develop fully customized chips to support the strategic business paths long-term. I live will concentrate strategically their own resources on the simulation from the known needs of users in terms of IP Design and on development from algorithms from key image processing e innovative, without undertaking chip manufacturing.

Vivo Chip Imaging V1: technology

Already at start from 2019 vivo started connect l’innovation led by design e oriented to the user with the requests in constant evolution of users, a process that culminated in four strategic guidelines long-term. He’s been alive ever since involving talents from around the world to implement a dynamic development strategy.

The image system is one of the long-term strategic guidelines alive. In the lasts five years the company has invested a lot in this field, realizing several discoveries that have transformed the industry, like the technology of Gimbal stabilization e Selfie Spotlight. In December 2020, vivo e ZEISS they announced a partnership strategica long-term in the innovation of mobile imaging. Both partners they share the ambition of to anticipate e satisfy the requests of the most demanding consumers, as well as the will of challenge the limits of mobile imaging through the Research and it development joint at the vivo ZEISS Imaging Lab.

“V1 is an integrated circuit chip – fully customized and dedicated to imaging and video applications – with state-of-the-art optical quality, which marks a milestone in vivo’s history and represents the first step in R&D applied to autonomous design. of chips. In keeping with vivo’s imaging system design, the V1 Imaging Chip can best meet user needs by optimizing smartphone application scenarios, such as headset appearance and video recording. In addition to enhancing the aesthetics and imaging effects of vivo products, the V1 Imaging Chip also aims to bring unique experiences to users by conveying emotional sensations through visual expression. vivo is firmly committed to long-term investment in the four strategic directions to create industry-leading technologies and innovations capable of satisfying even the most demanding users “

– he has declared Hu Baishan, Executive Vice President & COO from vivo.

Vivo Chip Imaging V1: the first chip for technological innovation

The partnership between vivo and ZEISS presents two areas of collaboration, the first of which is theR&D from product. The results of the Research e joint development and the combination from the ZEISS technologies for mobile imaging with technology, the algorithms and the production capacity di vivo for smartphones – such as ZEISS T * Coating and Biotar Portrait Style – may already be experienced in the series X60. The second area is mutual exploration on mode with which shape the future across the mobile imaging, driving theadvancement of the technologies of photography e video professional of upper level.

Based on the suggestions received by users, I live implementerà a three-pronged strategy – focusing on planning of the product, on the technical planning and on the pre-technical research – to find a Balance between products and technology. The vivo Central Research Institute will be responsible for the planning from the emerging technologies, which will be strictly aligned with the consumer requests, the industry trends they use scenarios.

Vivo’s goal over the next 10-20 years is to create advanced products starting already from design phase to build a ponte between people and the digital world, providing users with an experience mobile e digital increasingly practice e in step with needs current and future.

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