ExoGun DreamPro Review: A Viable Alternative

ExoGun DreamPro Review: A Viable Alternative. Today we will test an ambitious product from the ExoGun house, which seeks to challenge the greatest

ExoGun DreamPro, is a Massage Gun that boasts a respectable technical data sheet, and that tries to establish itself in a saturated and fierce sector, where making a difference becomes increasingly difficult. ExoGun presents the Massage Gun DreamPro as a model suitable for Deeper Percussion Therapy, it will be like this? Let’s try to find out.

Usual disclaimer before continuing with the review, if you want to know the history of the company in question, I refer you to this article, while, without being repetitive, we have already extensively told about the scientific and technical nature, the birth, and the arrival of these products in the consumer market, so if you want to find out why they have taken root in the electronics sector, and above all what it is and why it is needed, we refer you to this article, in which we expose everything that you need to know briefly about the Myofascial release. That said, let’s get to the heart of the ExoGun DreamPro review.

Unboxing and build quality | ExoGun DreamPro Review

Comes inside a bag dedicated to transport. The bag unlike other models on the market is not rigid but soft and not very solid, this could be a disadvantage. In addition to this, it does not have reinforced housing for the heads, so once inserted inside it they simply do not stay in place, every time we open and close the bag we will find them scattered inside it.

In general the bag it has no custom logos, it is completely anonymous. Net of this, we find inside the classic leaflet, the rubber pads that we will analyze later, and the proprietary power supply which, unfortunately, will force you to purchase an adapter separately. As the power supply is USA type A and not a European socket. 24V DC-IN power supply.

Then we have the imposing Massage Gun and its 4 heads located inside it. The build quality is pretty good overall, with some flaws, as we have the block containing the engine made of aluminum, this structure is very solid, and then we have plastic inserts to finish the design of the same.

The plastic used, however, is certainly not top-notch. The handle is inclined so as to favor an ergonomic grip for the user, but in my opinion it disfavors the self-treatment compared to the classic “hammer” or also adjustable shape, but this is a purely personal factor. Furthermore, the handle is always made of rubber for greater grip during the grip, but the coating is not really stable, during use it tends to move too much and too easily, and seems not to adhere 100% to the surface (see photo).

ExoGun DreamPro Review: A Viable Alternative

The design has no particular elements except for the recall of the product name placed on one side of the Massage Gun. There battery is not replaceable, and we have no air vents for dissipation.

The input for the magazine is not placed as usually happens on the bottom of the handle, but on the motor body, in the lower area of ​​the block. You interact with the Massage Gun through the present screen, The display has a glass that does not have an oleophobic treatment and the fingerprints that remain imprinted are so many. There is a single on / off button, which is also the selector of the modes of use. It has a weight of 930g measured, the site indicates 2.5 pounds which should be equivalent to about 1.130 kg, but this is not the case in reality.

Focus on data sheet and heads | ExoGun DreamPro Review

ExoGun DreamPro has a display for interaction, equipped as mentioned with a power button and two simple LED boxes. It turns on with a light and prolonged pressure of a few seconds, same way to turn it off, while to switch from one frequency to another just a simple press. In the box of left we have the‘current speed indication, in that of right the level of battery from 1 to 99%.

The speeds are 6. The display is not very visible at 360 °, especially if slightly inclined, an oblique cut of the motor body has been created as a design to facilitate visibility but the internal display is still vertical, so during use we do not see the info at a glance, we will have to stop tilt it in our favor and resume. It is not necessarily a problem, as they are settings to be set almost with your eyes closed, but a note to be reported definitely. It is also extremely sensitive, just touch to give a command.

ExoGun DreamPro Review: A Viable Alternative

ExoGun on its website indicates that this product has 16mm of Amplitude, but what does not correspond to reality, or at least, to our model, although several overseas colleagues have found this same inconsistency. So we will have to rely mainly on measurements and feedback. Our measurements made, following what the science behind these products dictates. 23mm in maximum travel, / – / minus 15mm in maximum shortening, for a result of 8mm, its real mm of Amplitude. This is the measurement that is globally recognized by the therapeutic world, even considering a portion of heads has no value.

As on the brushless motor, which in this case ExoGun does not even state what the rated power of the motor is. We only know that it should have value in their opinion Stall Force of about 60 lbs (pound), which converted to kilograms would be about 27 kg. In any case, we always measure the data provided by the companies, and if they correspond to reality.

Continuing, 27 kg is enough to guarantee a good treatment, but perhaps too many for so little amplitude. The Massage Gun in question has an amplitude of percussion (Amplitude) equal to 8mm measured. ExoGun claims it is suitable for use in the field Deeper Percussion Therapy. The reality is different, however, let’s start talking about Deeper Percussion Therapy, just as much – just like the evidence of the scientific research carried out by the doctors of the institute J Sports Sci Med. want – the Amplitude value starts at a minimum of 10/13 (preferably) mm up to a maximum of 16mm.

8mm amplitude of percussion (Amplitude) is a relatively low value compared to what the competitors offer, especially in economic terms, a value that in traditional Massage Guns is certainly off target from the average, if we have to compare the technical data sheet we will have to compare it with the Massage Guns of the Mini category, but it would be an inadequate comparison for the dimensions.

We know well that But the Amplitude is not everything, and that even 16mm if combined with a not very powerful and efficient motor can be badly managed and not effective, it is also true that net of the data, what matters is the feedback that returns in practice, but we still have to analyze the data to frame the market position of this ExoGun DreamPro.

6 speeds available, al level 1 we have 1,200 RPM with 20 Hz, al level 2 we have 1,600 RPM with 26.7 Hz, al level 3 we have 2,000 RPM with 33.3 Hz, et al level 4 we have 2,400 RPM with 40 Hz. Finally we have al level 5 a value of 2,800 RPM with 46.7 Hz, and at thelast level, we have 3,300 RPM with 53.3 Hz.

We have 4 heads supplied, mostly the classics. In fact, we find the following heads; Bullet (made of hard plastic), which is suitable for treating Trigger Point and therefore for the Deep Tissue treatment; Forkhead (made of hard plastic), mostly used for the cervical area, or spine, e Round (made of hard foam), which is useful for large muscle groups, such as the gluteus maximus, pectoral major, quadriceps and hamstrings, or grand dorsal; Flat con pattern (made of hard plastic), which does not have a unique target muscle section but has been found to be effective for a variety of muscle groups, small and large. For the price it has, I’m really sorry not to have found also one that is always comfortable and very useful in various specific treatments, namely the head Air Cushion.

The heads have a small annoying defect, the gasket that is present on them, it is not very strong and stable. When inserted, in fact, they tend to “unglue”, the heads remain fixed in place, but future wear will certainly increase, and cause more noise, I am attaching a photo to understand each other certainly better, where we can see the gasket rubber come out of the mouth seat input.ExoGun DreamPro Review: A Viable Alternative

We continue the review of our ExoGun DreamPro and then find a certainly appreciable detail, that is, replacement gaskets for the heads. You have seen the photos in the opening. And then, the entrance area for the heads is made of metal, another appreciable note. As the piston tends to overheat over time, and could lead to premature wear of the seals already present obviously on the heads. It must be said, however, that I have never noticed the piston overheating, probably because despite the high speeds we do not have a particularly important range of travel.

Stall Force and… How does it behave in use? | ExoGun DreamPro Review

Pros and cons of this oblique ergonomics, we are certainly faced with a personal taste, the classic “T” format or, with handle and adjustable head, is definitely an evergreen, universal classic and functional. This design is certainly also valid, but with this shape the self-treatment is a bit limiting, for example reaching the height of the lower trapezium, while with a classic shape it is achieved by keeping the head perpendicular to the ground, with this design is done with a marked angle. It is very personal, it depends on your mobility, and on your tastes. Furthermore, the weight is slightly unbalanced, you can feel it in the grip. In short, ergonomics could be uncomfortable for someone.

ExoGun DreamPro Review: A Viable Alternative

We come to the battery, which is of 2400mAh, it is declared that with a charge it comes to about 4/6 hours of use. They are not wrong about this, in fact these are the hours of use that I managed to do with it, it all depends on what speed it will be used. Personally, I have never dropped below 5 hours of use overall, divided within a week, using it in the Pre and Post training session. It takes approximately 5 hours to fully recharge. The advice is always to never let it completely discharge to preserve the battery, but charge it around 40 – 50%.

In terms of silence, Exogun says 70 dB, we have measured a range that fluctuates from a minimum of a minimum of 47/49 dBA with speed 1 and 2, to reach a maximum of 55/58 dBA. So average, neither too quiet nor excessively noisy.

In use it has proved effective overall. As mentioned we do not know the actual power value of the engine. But we know that as for Stall Force it should be around 27 Kg. The engine is powerful, not the most powerful, but it is certainly the best component of the entire Massage Gun. You can’t stop the race of the …

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