Vivo Extended RAM 2.0: better performance

Vivo extends the Extended RAM 2.0 functionality on the products of the 2021 line-up, for better performance. Let’s find out how

Vivo announces the integration of the Extended RAM 2.0 functionality on smartphone of the line-up 2021. Available withlatest software update, this novelty will allow users to benefit from additional RAM memory (up to 4GB) which, a level from user-experience, translates to performance more elevate e fluid when use multiple applications at the same time or you need to switch between applications. Smartphones that since September will be able to take advantage of the Extended RAM 2.0 are the models vivo X60 Pro, V21 e Y72.

Vivo Extended RAM 2.0: better performance

Vivo Extended RAM 2.0: the new feature

The Extended RAM di vivo allows you to allocate and use a part of the internal memory smartphone like Additional RAM; activating and deactivating in automatic way e intelligent, smartphones keep a level of fluidity of high usage.

The latest smartphone presented, vivo X60 Pro, integrated already at launch a RAM from 12GB e 3GB from Extended RAM and, with the new update, will therefore have available 4GB from Extended RAM; the same will happen for the model alive V21, which will pass from 3GB a 4GB of temporary memory space while Y72 will earn an additional 4GB of RAM, previously functionality not supported on this model.

Vivo Extended RAM 2.0: better performance

“In vivo we are constantly striving to find solutions that can improve our products and exceed the expectations of our users. This last feature responds in a timely manner to the growing needs of users in terms of performance in situations where, for example, there is the need to use multiple apps at the same time. We have not limited ourselves to updating only the top of the range, but we have also extended this update to mid-range products, thus allowing a higher number of users to improve their user-experience with our smartphones “

– he has declared Hector Patriarch, Marketing and Retail Director of vivo Italy.

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