Vivo Golden Ticket: the opportunity for EURO2020

Vivo launches “Golden Ticket”, a new opportunity to see EURO2020 matches Let’s see together what it consists of and how to participate

Every moment can be made extraordinary thanks to #PerfectShot and there will be many to live and immortalize ai EURO2020. For this, vivo wants to give to fans the chance to live experience directly on the countryside together with a friend! For to celebrate the European launch of X60 Pro come official smartphone of EURO2020, vivo gives the opportunity of the live Golden Ticket, a ticket to see all the matches of the team of own country!

Vivo Golden Ticket: the initiative

What is football for you? This is the question to which you will have to answer for to win the contest. The football legend Luca Toni and the stella Federico Betti (@mike_showsha) are asking ai fan of share their idea of ​​football in order to win the “golden ticket“. Giving you there fan, alive will find out the better definition of football” possible, the one that more than the others can tell the passion of the fans.

From the May 27 al June 6, in Italy, vivo will ask fans of to comment “What is football for you?” is follow alive On the canal Instagram vivomobileit. All answers will compete to win the vivo Golden Ticket. The ticket gives access a all the matches of the team of one’s own Country, per see and for a friend, in order to live the championships a 360° and cheer for the #PerfectShot of their teams.

Information on the regulation is available at the following site.

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