Vivo Smartphone Test: Durable Smartphone Tests

Vivo makes high-end smartphones but first they have to pass the relevant verification tests. Today let’s see what tests are performed

Vivo has an ambition: to pursue l’excellence e continue to amaze realizing smartphone capable of face the challenges from everyday and make the vita of their own users more secure, exciting and fun.

For this reason it was adopted a uncompromising approach per features e test of product. There quality it is not found only in visible details at a glance, but it is part of the ideation process e design of each device: extraordinary design care and of every single component, dynamic tests carried out in all stages of development to make smartphones alive companions of travel robust e reliable in any situation.

Vivo Smartphone Test: Durable Smartphone Tests

Vivo Test Smartphone: resistance and durability test

  • Vivo subjects all new smartphone models to extensive drop tests – leaving to fall the smartphone more than a hundred times on a solid surface from beyond a meter high and at least 26 different angles.
  • I devices they come pressed more than 1000 times by special machines to replicate the stresses felt in back pocket of an adult’s jeans.
  • A powerful one torsion test sees the phone hooked from the side superior e inferior and wrong up to 500 times with a force of about 2 Nm of torque.
  • The impacts are also simulated through single point pressure test using robotic presses that impose tens of kilos of strength its small areas or with bearings a sfera in steel facts fall repeatedly on the surface of the phone.
  • And what about a reckless ride in mountain bike? The tests of shaking ensure that vivo smartphones succeed offer stable performance e reliable in conditions more incredible.

Replicate daily use

Over and over again, i test robotici dedicated simulate the challenges of the life of everyday:

  • L’switch from power on is pressed over 1,500,000 times
  • The button of the volume beyond 70,000 times
  • The sensor for Fingerprints is pressed 500,000 times
  • a cable he comes inserted e off circa 10,000 times

Even the casual act of to throw the phone on read or on sofa is simulated through more than 40,000 launch tests.

Vivo Smartphone Test: Durable Smartphone Tests

Quality is not just physical endurance

To date, smartphones don’t just have to be physically reliable e robust, but offer components software safe e innovative. Each new model is subjected to the test dell’antenna RF to ensure the signal quality, test of the fotocamera, gaming and test to ensure long performance e stable.

Vivo Test Smartphone: showers, saunas, salt water and extreme temperatures

The devices also come subjected to a physical regimen test really brutal: sprayed per ore with salt water, spend almost a day in a sauna-like environment and brought to extreme temperatures come -40ºC e 75ºC.

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