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Vivo X90 Pro: Incredible imaging technology explained

Vivo shares valuable tips on how to best capture the beauty of nature in spring together with Vivo X90 Pro

Spring has finally arrived and brings with it a myriad of beautiful subjects to photograph. After the cold and gloomy winter days, nature awakens and, thanks to it, we can admire the magnificent views of our country that make spring a very special season: the first blooms of the magnolias, the sunlight reflecting on the rivers, the surprising colors of the cherry blossoms. It is precisely in this context that the new vivo X90 Pro becomes the perfect companion to discover and capture all the wonders this season has to offer.

Vibrant green trees, blue skies and fields full of flowers: thanks to mode ZEISS Natural Colour equipped with the new vivo X90 Pro, photography enthusiasts will be able to capture the blooms in all their natural splendor. vivo and ZEISS have collaborated closely to set new standards in image quality and color fidelity with the new vivo X90 Pro, making it possible to capture exceptional images in any lighting condition. With the Professional Portrait Camera, and thanks to the Ultra Sensing Portrait System, users will be able to take photos with exceptional color rendering during the first sunny days of spring. As the nights get warmer and shorter and nightlife lovers enjoy the beautiful spring evenings, users equipped with the vivo x90 pro they will be able to immortalize all the fun even in the middle of the night, without having to worry about the lighting conditions.

Vivo X90 Pro: Incredible imaging technology explained

Vivo X90 Pro: ZEISS Natural Colors show all the vitality of spring

What better way to experience the new vivo X90 Pro than getting outdoors to explore the world around us? Spring offers great opportunities to capture wonderful images of nature coming back to life, such as fields of blooming tulips, green meadows or lush forests. Updated ZEISS Natural Color feature makes captured images even closer to what the human eye perceives, thanks to a professional level of color rendering. In fact, the sophisticated imaging system with multiple camera modules is able to capture the details of a wide variety of scenarios, to ensure users can capture every special memory of the season.

Vivo X90 Pro: Incredible imaging technology explained

Vivo X90 Pro: discover the 50mm lens for lifelike portraits

Spring is also the perfect time to get back to being more dynamic. Whether it’s hiking, walking in the park or visiting the local markets, the important thing is to spend time outdoors. The new vivo X90 Pro’s 50mm lens allows users to shoot natural-looking portraits outdoors by automatically increasing a subject’s natural distance. Thanks to the field vision of the 50mm lens, which approaches that of the human eye, portraits are even more realistic; but not only the portraits. Thanks to its versatility and perspective, this lens is also an excellent tool for street photography and, thanks to the correct exposure, the quality of the photos is always excellent. Whatever the light conditions, you will get truly stunning photos.

Vivo X90 Pro: Incredible imaging technology explained

Vivo X90 Pro: High Dynamic Range for a spring-like and unpredictable climate

Thinking about the weather conditions, spring has them all. An evocative morning mist, a rainbow appearing reflected in a lake, and even the occasional phenomenon of Sahara dust, which produces amazingly colored twilight skies, all make for spectacular photos. The new vivo X90 Pro is equipped with a vivo chip V2 specially designed to reduce noise in images and videos, thanks to a newly updated AI noise reduction algorithm. The performance of the main chip is boosted to allow for significantly improved resolution, especially in low-light conditions. In addition, the High Dynamic Range (HDR) algorithm has been further improved, compared to previous X-series devices, by optimizing the image tone to generate more natural transitions and full of levels.

Vivo X90 Pro: Incredible imaging technology explained

Vivo X90 Pro: shooting stars and meteor showers

For decades, every April, the Lyrid meteor shower has passed in front of the Earth and can be seen with the naked eye. This year, the Lyrids will be visible from the middle to the end of April, and it will be the perfect opportunity to try out the outstanding night shooting capabilities of the vivo X90 Pro. The 4K Ultra-Sensing Night Video function allows users to capture the whole experience: the large imaging sensor of the top of the range allows it to absorb more light, greatly increasing the rendering of the image and capturing the most hidden details even at night. The Night Video 3.0 algorithm along with the updated exposure strategy will also enable you to get brighter and sharper videos with more natural transitions between light and dark. Thanks to the innovation of the vivo imaging system, astrophotography enthusiasts will have the best tools at their disposal to take extraordinary images and videos at the right moment.

Not only more natural colors and transitions: the design of the new vivo X90 Pro draws inspiration from natural landscapes and expertly blends technology and aesthetics to achieve the perfect balance between imaging functionality and design. The body structure is inspired by the moment of dawn: the circular lens module represents the sun rising above the horizon, while the horizontal dividing line recalls the profile of a skyline, thus creating an extraordinary aurora effect. What do you think of the new vivo smartphone? Let us know yours in the comments section, we also invite you to follow our Instagram page, our YouTube channel and stay connected on to stay constantly updated on all the news from the tech world!

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