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Honor Magic 5 Pro: The best Honor phone to buy

The Honor Magic 5 Pro is the best HONOR phone to buy. In this article we explain why

HONOR is committed to present different types smartphones on different market segments and in different parts of the world. This time, however, we will talk specifically about our country. In fact, the company has decided to open the first brand stores in Italy. It is all thanks to the efforts and relentless dedication of HONOR that it has managed to make its services available in so many countries around the world. In the HONOR stores you can touch the various products by hand, including the HONOR Magic 5 Pro, the protagonist of this article. This is the top of the range of the Chinese company and now we will try to explain why it is one of the best smartphones around.

Honor Magic 5 Pro: The best Honor phone to buy

What you need to know about HONOR Magic 5 Pro

HONOR Magic 5 Pro has been equipped with CPU Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with its eight Adreno 740 GPU cores. The screen is a curved OLED LTPO display, triple rear camera, face recognition in 3D and many other top-of-the-line features. The smartphone then comes in an original green livery which gives it a very vital aspect.

The ambient light sensors along with the gravity sensors are the primary sensors in the smartphone. We also have one full connectivity con Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.2, BLE, NFC, GPS, USB-C ed emettitore IR.

Honor Magic 5 Pro: The best Honor phone to buy

Why HONOR Magic 5 Pro is the best HONOR

HONOR Magic 5 Pro is currently one of the best smartphones in Italy for various reasons.

There is also a 3D face recognition feature in this phone that helps you unlock the phone with your face and its detection. The lithium polymer battery boasts a capacity of about 5100mAh, at the top of the category. You can use two SIM cards from different networks. This way you can use different networks on the same mobile device.

The excellent front camera can be used during video calls, even through third-party apps. The rear camera boasts 3 sensors of 50 MP each, with wide-angle optics and 3.5x periscopic zoom. The camera uses two types of stabilization modes such as EIS and OIS to get clear images in any situation with a simple click. You can record videos up to 4K 60fps. It is one of the best photographic compartments around.

Honor Magic 5 Pro: The best Honor phone to buy


Right now, you can say HONOR Magic 5 Pro is the best and most complete phone made by HONOR and is finally available in Italy and many other countries around the world. The magic of this smartphone is all in the powerful processor, large battery and top camera. You can buy this smartphone without delay because it is a great piece of technology. That’s all from the mobile devices section, keep following us!

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