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Vivo X90 Pro review: feeling is everything

When it comes to buying a new smartphone we usually do complex analyses: the processor, the camera, the display…
Will it be powerful enough for what I want to do? Will the photos be good enough for my needs? Does the display allow me to enjoy a movie? Can I edit the shots or edit a small video for Instagram and TikTok?
There are so many questions we think we need to answer.
Yet there is only one thing that matters: the feeling.
The right smartphone is the one with which you immediately find an understanding. And often this does not depend on numbers and specifications. Sometimes it just happens.
It happened to us with Vivo X90 Pro, the latest top of the range from the Chinese company to land on the Italian market. With a price – we tell you right away – which is quite demanding: 1.299 €.

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The Vivo X90 Pro review

Or rather, the “work in progress” review of Vivo X90 Pro.
We spent a few days in his company, enough to judge him as a whole but not to produce a sufficiently in-depth analysis of the photographic behavior. We will therefore take a few more days before telling you how the rear camera behaves.
And the rest? Well, the rest works perfectly.

A unique design

Vivo X90 Pro grip

Il design it is undoubtedly the element that triggered the spark between us and Vivo X90 Pro.
There is no single element that impressed us more than others. In reality it is the whole that works. It works because the back cover in vegan leather it is original, soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint and very pleasant to touch. It works because the horizontal band – the Sky Line – which we always find on the back, divides the photographic sector from the rest in a surprisingly fascinating way. It works because the module that houses the three cameras is super recognizable despite being a bulky hair.
And then it works because the curved display makes it easier to grip, with a protective glass – the SCHOTT Xensation Up – which was created to keep the screen always safe, even in the event of a fall.

All this prompted us to use it without a cover, proud to show the world this Vivo X90 Pro. Yes, it is also IP68 certified.

The 1 inch sensor

Vivo X90 Pro camera review

As anticipated, we will go into detail about the photographic sector in a few days. However, we would like to anticipate something.
First of all let’s start with the composition. Vivo X90 Pro comes with a custom 1-inch 50-megapixel sensor, the IMX989; F/1.75 aperture, 4 in 1 pixel binning and a photosensitive area increased by 77% with an absorption capacity increased by 43%.
The second camera is curiously dedicated to portraits. We therefore have another goal from 50 megapixel 50mm fixed focus with an aperture of F/1.6.
The last sensor is the 12-megapixel Sony IMX663 ultra-wide-angle, for sweeping panoramas whenever you need them.

We can then count on optical image stabilization, with technology developed by Vivo, and above all on I live V2the chip dedicated to image processing and enhanced with a series of algorithms based on artificial intelligence.
We conclude with the T*Coating, the ZEISS coating which, once again, is Vivo’s partner in this adventure.

Our first tests tell us about a smartphone that is certainly performing in the photographic field, with good shots even in less comfortable conditions but we will go into detail in a few days. Stay tuned!

Top-of-the-range performance

Vivo X90 Pro battery review

On the performance front, Vivo X90 Pro did not give us any unexpected surprises: it is a top of the range that behaves like a top of the range.
The processor MediaTek Dimensity 9200, combined with the Vivo V2, allows you to really do everything, quickly and in a pleasantly fluid way. It doesn’t hesitate, it doesn’t waver, it doesn’t heat up, it doesn’t give unexpected slowdowns.
To accompany him 12GB of RAMexpandable with the Extended RAM function that allows you to steal another 8 from the storage space, which amounts to 256 GB.

The software is also promoted, the Funtouch OS 13 based on Android 13. Vivo customization is elegant in appearance and enriched by a number of features that you will discover and appreciate over time.

And then there’s the battery. Or rather, fast charging.
Let’s explain better.
The battery is 4,870 mAh and it brought us to the end of the day even with quite intense use. But when you are dry you can count on the Dual-Cell FlashCharge a 120 W, with the possibility of using two charging methods: fast – so you have 50% battery in about 8 minutes – or balanced, and in any case you have 100% in less than half an hour.
There is also 50 W wireless charging for those who do not like having cables on the street.

The AMOLED display with ZEISS Natural Color Display mode

Vivo X90 Pro review display

We conclude with the 6.78 inch displaya 1.07 billion color AMOLED, with 100% DCI-P3 space coverage, HDR10+ support, and SGS certifications for low blue light, reduced motion blur and flicker.
The refresh rate? Arrive at 120 Hz to satisfy even gamers looking for fluidity.

Among the various settings you will also find the methods for choosing the colors of the screen. 4 possible options:

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Light
  • ZEISS natural color (o ZEISS Natural Color Display)

The latter is a novelty, the result of the already mentioned collaboration between Vivo and ZEISS, and allows for faithful reproduction of the colors of the images, so the result displayed will not be different from what was taken.

All in all the general yield is excellent, with natural and bright colors and excellent luminosity even in the sun.

The in progress review of Vivo X90 Pro: conclusion

Vivo X90 Pro profile

Vivo X90 Pro, you will have guessed it, we liked it a lot. The price – €1,299 – is demanding, but it seems to us justified by a product that has not disappointed us so far. However, before drawing the actual conclusions, leave us a few more days to thoroughly test the photographic sector.

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