Vmoto, il nuovo marchio di moto elettriche premium svelerà il modello Stash a EICMA thumbnail

Vmoto Stash, the new electric motorcycle will be unveiled at EICMA

The Vmoto Soco group has announced the launch of a new electric motorcycle, called the Vmoto Stash. Under the signature “Vmoto” , differentiated and premium products will be launched, that is electric motorcycles of superior quality and performance with an eye to design to seek customers in European and American markets. In fact, for the launch of Vmoto Stash the brand yes is entrusted to Adrian Morton, responsible for MV Agusta design for the past 20 years and who also created the logo. The first proposal will be officially unveiled at EICMA, in a couple of weeks and will be called, as mentioned, Vmoto Stash.

It is the first model launched by the new brand that promises to show us exciting new technical solutions, high build quality, top performance and driving pleasure. There is no further information about it and the teaser launched by the brand to announce its new bike does not show much, beyond a headlight with a large beam of light that surely reminds us of models like the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce. However, many, analyzing this teaser, argue that it can be a very muscular naked model.

Jorge Lorenzo will christen the new Vmoto Stash

Vmoto Stash will be just the first brick of a growth strategy for the Chinese group, present in Italy with its brand Super Punch, which mainly includes scooters electric with urban performance at the most accessible priceand. on your part, Vmoto will be the new premium motorcycle brand with European design and high quality functionality. As the third unit of the group, Vmoto Fleet remains, dedicated to products aimed at the B2B market (motosharing, fleets, etc.).

And the stakes are very high. Not surprisingly, the group chose as ambassador Jorge Lorenzo, which will be in Milan to baptize the launch of the brand and, above all, of the long-awaited one Vmoto Stash. The appointment is therefore for November 23 at 3 pm in the stand T21 of the Hall 22 by EICMA.

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