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Vodafone and Nokia together to improve the mobile network

Vodafone and Nokia, two giants in the mobile phone sector (and not only), are working together on a new algoritmo di machine learning that allows to detect and correct anomalies of the mobile network before they have a negative impact on the customer. A partnership that should affect networks across Europe, thus significantly improving the experience of Vodafone users. But let’s see together how the algorithm works in detail.

Vodafone and Nokia work to improve Europe’s mobile network

To enable users across Europe to enjoy a great mobile network experience, Vodafone and Nokia are working on a new technology. Anomaly Detection Servicein fact, it is able to autonomously detect unusual behaviors within an area of ​​cells of the mobile network, which could affect the quality of the service offered to customers. By making use of this tool, Vodafone engineers can to intervene quickly to solve problems of various kinds. Congestion, interference, unexpected latencies, difficulties in handling calls between different cells or call configuration errors.

But that is not all. Nokia’s system also enables patterns to be identified, allowing Vodafone’s operating companies to proactively address problems before they impact the customer. By taking advantage of these technologies, the companies hope to automatically resolve around 80% of anomalies of the mobile network. At the moment, Nokia’s algorithm has been implemented in Italy on over 60,000 4G cells. But at the beginning of 2022 Vodafone will extend the service to all its European markets. But this is not the only news regarding the Vodafone network in Europe.

From 1 July 2021, this will be powered by electricity 100% from renewable sources. An objective that Italy has already achieved in November 2020. In short, there are many innovations in the sector, especially given the large scale of the Vodafone and Nokia project.

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