Football Manager: Women’s football will be incorporated into the game

Women’s football will soon be part of Football Manager, the most popular football management game in the world

The future of the world famous management series Football Manager, will also add the women’s soccer. This was announced by the agreement between Sports Interactive e Sega Europe, who have decided to include women’s football in future editions of the sporting title. At the moment it is not yet known when this will be inserted into the game, but it is certain that it will not be considered a separate title, but will be integrated into the normal Football Manager.

Women’s football will be included in the world-famous Football Manager game

In future versions of Football Manager there will therefore also be room for the women’s soccer, so it was announced directly by Sega, publisher of the title and by Sports Interactive, which has been developing this series for years. There is still no precise date because the director of Studio Interactive, Miles Jacobson, said that her team must first study a lot of details and statistics so that women’s football is represented in the game in the most realistic way possible.

Football Manager: Women's football will be incorporated into the game

The aim is in fact to make women’s football more and more accepted within a sport that has always been considered exclusive to the male world, and to do so it is necessary to give space to women’s football within the classic game. There is also support for the project Emma Hayes, Chelsea FC women’s team coach who insists that women’s football must become an integral part of the world of football. The most famous sport in the world has seen in recent years a surge in popularity according to what the coach said, but still this is not enough to integrate him into the male world of this sport. The aim is therefore to integrate more and more women’s football with men’s football so that future generations no longer perceive this difference.

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