Vodafone down: continuano i disservizi sulle linee mobili thumbnail

Vodafone down: the inefficiencies on mobile lines continue

Since last night Vodafone is presenting several malfunctions across the board in many Italian cities. The inefficiencies have mainly affected the regions from Lazio upwards and even today different ones are occurring down, a sign that whatever the nature of the disservice was, it has not yet been completely resolved by Vodafone.

Vodafone down: the disservices continue

Among the cities affected by the down we find Rome, Perugia, Ancona, Bologna, Venice, Milan and Turin, with various reports also in the Parma area and in the rest of Emilia Romagna. According to Downdetector data, the reports were concentrated mainly during the evening and yesterday afternoon, but even this morning users continued to encounter various service interruptions.

It seems that now the malfunctions have spread to many other cities like Naples, Ravenna and Genoa. In short, it seems that we are facing a very heavy down, with hundreds of users left “in the dark” without official communications from the company.

Vodafone down

According to what we can understand from the official data, the malfunctions for now mainly involve the mobile networks, As a result, smartphones are very likely to have major connection problems at the moment. Given that no press releases have been published, it is difficult to imagine how long the interruption of the service will last, which has already afflicted us for several hours now.

If you want to contact Vodafone customer assistance, we remind you that for private users who call from Italy, the 190, while from abroad the + delivery will be useful39 349 2000190. As far as business customers are concerned, the support channels are different and respond to 42323 in the case of a call from Italy and +39 348 2002323 in the case of contact from abroad.

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