Vodafone is down: widespread problems on the line

Vodafone è in down: problemi diffusi sulla linea thumbnail

Yesterday we reported the news of the down throughout Italy of Iliad, today unfortunately it seems the turn of Vodafone. The telephone operator is in fact down in different parts of Italy, together with the service ho. Mobile. As usual, reports come from all over the country, with particular insistence in the main cities, such as Milan, Bologna and Rome, but also in Abruzzo, which seems to be the most affected region.

Vodafone in down

If yesterday with Iliad the reports did not exceed a thousand users, also due to the lesser diffusion of the operator on the Italian territory, with Vodafone much higher numbers were reached. To be exact, according to the data shared by the Down Detector website, more than 3000 people throughout Italy.

Many of the users in question at the moment are totally in the dark, without landlines, mobile phones and even the Internet, a sign that the problem of Vodafone is probably related to the operator’s servers. A smaller part of the users instead reported only the interruption of the internet connection, however particularly disabling for those who work connected to the web.

As surely you have already guessed, too ho. Mobile is presenting some problems, which can, of course, be traced back to the same areas where Vodafone has the most serious outages. The reports are still growing and concern a total blackout in the majority of cases currently known. Since then PosteMobile is based precisely on Vodafone, even this service is not doing well at the moment.

Finally, as if that were not enough, Iliad also seems to present problems again in the face of yesterday’s malfunctions. Although the situation seemed to have been resolved, in the morning many users reported difficulties regarding calls and the mobile network. The reports are currently on the rise.