Vodafone Italy confirms potential customer data theft

Vodafone Italia conferma un possibile furto di dati dei clienti thumbnail

In these hours, Vodafone Italy has started sending some communications to its customers about possible data theft. The theft in question is related to a cyber attack suffered by FourB Spa, reseller of the telephony provider. Among the data exposed there are several sensitive user data.

Vodafone Italia confirms: there has been a possible theft of user data

The theft of Vodafone Italia customer data it could have occurred as a result of a unlawful access to FourB’s servers. The operator has made it known that this access has been closed and that the levels of security against external attacks have been increased. The company’s advice to its customers is to pay close attention to possible phishing attempts that could exploit the stolen data.

Data theft could be linked tohacker attack claimed by cybercriminal group KelvinSecurity and dating back to last September. This hacker collective has put up around 300GB of data for sale. It should be noted, however, that regarding this claim Vodafone had declared that it had not recorded any data theft. More details on the matter will certainly arrive in the coming weeks.