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SEO: what is it, what does it do and why is it so necessary?

Improve the positioning of a website within search engines through specialized SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies

An internet user who has some need or need knows how to find their own answers.

With a search on a search engine (usually Google, the most used) types a series of keywords and through these Google will be able to make it a list of results, evaluating him first what could be more suitable for your needs.

It is statistically proven that an average user it does not go beyond the second pageor about the first 30 results, so those sites that are beyond this threshold will hardly be taken into consideration.

For this it is necessary, for the success of our website, to take care of the positioning strategies.

Gabriele Filieri SEO specialist deals precisely with this: improving the positioning of a website within search engines through specialized strategies SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As an expert in the sector, he explains in detail the characteristics of an SEO project.

What is SEO about?

The applicable SEO strategies can be divided into two main branches.

Seo on-page

The SEO on-page is the starting point: the SEO specialist takes care of thesite analysisfirst of all, to identify and identify critical issues.

Once all the problems have been identified, both at a structural and content level, the SEO first works with the purposes of improving the website.

The improvements concern theentire site: the structure, the code, the url, but also the optimization and content creation.

And optimized site, reminds us Gabriele Filieri, it is first of all a site that is easy to use by a user, from any device he is viewing, and which is therefore intuitive, fast, easy to navigate.

Also there content creation it is an integral part of the SEO work.

To be well seen by Google and increase your ranking the site must have content that is truthful, informative, in line with the central topic of the site and above all that contain the right keywords.

The search for a site by Google, at the time of rendering the results to the user, works through keyword researchbut Google still does not take into consideration those sites that reveal that they have forced their own position elevation.

The content therefore must be informative, fluid and natural, in order to be positively evaluated.

SEO off-page

The SEO off-page takes care of the entire outline of the website and this is a job that usually comes after finishing the work within the site.

As for a human being who has to interact in society in order to acquire a certain reputation, so do internet sites too.

Off-page SEO therefore takes care of the website’s relationships with all other sites, via one Link Building strategy.

In summary, it consists in the creation of internal and external links, so as to create real connection bridges between websites.

If a website defined by Google authoritativethat is that he has his trust and therefore is positioned at the top, points to our site, then for Google it will mean that ours is also an authoritative site and will raise our ranking.

But beware of do not abuse this strategy: an SEO knows when to stop, knowing the search engine algorithm in depth.

Google indeed does not appreciate “forcing” and tends to penalize all actions that are strange and untruthful to him (like perhaps an authoritative website that points to one without content).