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Vodafone Unstoppable Cup: the final at the Milan Games Week

Only a few days left until the opening Milan Games Weekthe event that will animate Rho Fiera Milano from 25 to 27 November 2022. An unmissable event for video game enthusiasts and not only given that, over the years, MGW has evolved a lot, also giving space to comics, board games, exhibitions, content and even tournaments.
It belongs to the latter category Vodafone Unstoppable Cupwith the grand finale set to be streamed live on November 26, inside the massive PG Esport Arena.
But let’s go in order.

The Vodafone Unstoppable Cup: what it is and how to participate

Fiber is one of the fundamental elements for the world of competitive video games: without a good connection, even the most skilled pro player can lose a game.
Hence Vodafone’s desire to strengthen its presence in the gaming sector with a new project, the Vodafone Unstoppable Cup.

Yes but what is this Vodafone Unstoppable Cup?
It’s about a tournament based on Fortnite’s No Build Single Player Battle Royale mode. Il 19 and 20 November They were held the qualifications con the 100 finalists who will compete on November 26th, during the MGW. The final, like the rest of the tournament, will take place online but it will be possible to watch this giga-battle directly from Milan Games Week, comfortably seated in the PG Esport Arena which can accommodate around 2,500 people.
They will be there to comment on the live broadcast Power3rbrand ambassador of Vodafone Italia, e Xiuder.

to know more just visit the official website of the Vodafone Unstoppable Cup.

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Home of the Unstoppable: A special map for Fortnite

The MGW also awaits you Home of the Unstoppable, a map designed by Vodafone together with Team Unite and freely inspired by Medieval Lucca with tech and futuristic elements. What does Lucca have to do with it? Simple: Home of the Unstoppable was presented precisely on the occasion of Lucca Comics and now it is back, by popular demand, also at Milan Games Week.

The map, playable for free directly in the PG Esport arena, teleports you inside un survival game in which 6 survivors will have the task of repairing all the Vodafone branded charging stations while 2 hunters try to prevent it.

Not only will you be able to experience Home of the Unstoppable with friends, but after the Grand Finals, some people will be able to play with Pow3r and Xiuder live also on their respective Twitch channels.

Want to get ready for the event? Know that you can try the map at home, immediately. The code is 9223-7844-5924.

In short, Vodafone awaits you at Milan Games Week!

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