Voi Technology launches the new Voiager 4 in the city of Turin

Voi Technology porta a Torino il nuovo Voiager 4 thumbnail

Voi Technologywith the beginning of the month of May, ha renewed its fleet in Turin making available to users i Voyager 4. The new scooter model proposed by Voi Technology it is equipped with directional arrows and a double tripod. Starting on May 2nd, the scooter began to replace the previous model, the V3X.

Voi Technology renews the fleet in Turin with the new Voiager 4

The Voiager 4 is one of the most innovative models in the Voi fleet. It is the first in Italy to be able to count on front and rear side indicators in able to help users in reporting their movements. The scooter has a life cycle of over 5 years and delivers 35% improved performance for the engine. The scooter is designed to minimize the impact of pebbles and holes. Thus continues the company’s “mission” to improve the livability of the city, in total safety and focusing on the sustainability of electric micro-mobility in sharing.

Voi V4 Torino 2

The company comment

Magdalena Krenek, General Manager Italy di Voi Technology, comments: “With the Voiager 4, the Turinese will have an even safer and easier to use vehicle for getting around the city. Turin is one of the most advanced cities in Italy for services to citizens, and Voi Technology intends to continue to be alongside the Municipality and public authorities to ensure that Turin can soon become a “human-sized” metropolis: sustainable and safe. ”

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