Voi Technology launches the voiager 5

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Voi Technology, a Swedish micro-mobility company dedicated to sharing services in Europe, has launched the latest generation of electric scooters

The Voyager 5a model that stands out for the safety and the sustainability. Not only that, the new scooter is equipped with features that make it more inclusive and guarantee an experience of guide optimal, thus helping to make cities more liveable through a service of micromobilità innovative andvanguard. In particular, in Italy new V5 fleets will be available first a Milano e Roma.

Voi designed the design of the V5 starting from the strengths of the previous model, the Voiager 4 (V4), the first electric scooter of shared fleets equipped with arrows that was made available in Italy.

Voi Technology launches the voiager 5

VOIAGER 5: inclusive and eco-sustainable

With a view to making vehicles even more sustainable, the goal of Butter is to make the V5 the leading model on the market for lifespan. The V5 is already the scooter of you more eco friendly, as it is made up of elements that are easy to repair and reuse and mainly made up of recycled materials: more than double compared to previous models. This makes the V5 fully compliant with the Circular Vehicle Programmethe strategic plan of Voi which aims to make the company neutral, for emissions of CO2by 2030.

The V5 also features an updated design of the dashboardan integrated support for the mobile phone and the automatic turning off of the direction arrows, so that the driving experience of the user is simpler, more efficient and safer.

Magdalena Krenek, General Manager Italia of Voi Technology states

Safety and sustainability are the founding pillars of Voi Technology. The vehicle updates were made by listening to our users first. A month ago we sent to the press the results of a survey carried out among our users, in which we asked what were the improvements to be made to the vehicle in order to guarantee them greater safety. We had already carried out this survey a year ago across Europe. The responses of Italian users confirmed that the Voiager 5 responds to their requests: larger wheels and more sensitive suspensions, to ensure better cushioning in the presence of non-smooth road surfaces, a wider platform and finally arrows with automatic shutdown, to allow users to concentrate on driving rather than on the handlebars to turn off the arrows at the end of the curve

Voi Technology launches the voiager 5

VOIAGER 5: wheels, brakes and new design

For more safety and for a more stable ride on the cobblestone of Milan oi sanpietrini of Rome, the V5 has a larger front wheel than the previous model, a thicker tread and better cushioning. The distance between the ground and the platform has been increased to allow the wheels to better deal with any holes in the road surface, allowing to the user to move more easily in the city.

With you, safety always comes first. THE brakes of the V5 are optimized to be more durable and robust. The cables are of the latest generation, reinforced vandalism proof and guarantee an easier revision of the brakes.

To develop V5, Voi took into account the mobility needs of different communities and targets such as women, people with different abilities, seniors and parents with young children. The collaboration took place with organizations such as Open Inclusion e Women in Transport. This level of commitment is unprecedented in the industry micromobilità and, combined with Voi’s R&D, has allowed the company’s engineers to create solutions for different mobility needs.

Voi Technology launches the voiager 5

VOIAGER 5: inclusive features of the new model

  • A new dashboard design of the V5, thanks to the addition of a mobile phone holder integrated into the handlebar and placed in a central position, which allows users to move more safely
  • A more ergonomic handlebar where the brakes, turn signal switch and bell are easier to reach, even for those with small hands
  • Auto-clearing direction indicators to prevent users from having to look down while running to turn them off

Krenek he added

Traditionally, transportation services and products are designed by men for men, but more inclusive vehicles are needed to make transportation better and more accessible for all. That is why it was important to work with so many people and different organizations to make the V5 our safest and most inclusive vehicle

To make your service increasingly sustainable, Voi continues to improve its vehicles with the aim of creating a completely sustainable and circular electric scooter. Building on the strengths of the previous models, the new V5 has further increased its sustainability

  • extending its lifespan to five years
  • increasing modularity to counteract damage from vandalism, facilitate repairs and reuse of parts
  • using a higher percentage of recycled materials
  • ensuring the reuse and recycling of its components at the end of their life cycle

The V5 is built using the most sustainable solutions currently available on the market in terms of recycling. The percentage of recycled materials that make up the Electric scooter is now higher than 30%, more than double that of the previous model. This result was possible thanks to the close collaboration with the whole supply chain. Additionally, nearly 90% of the vehicle’s components have been redesigned to improve time and the repairability.

Voi Technology launches the voiager 5

VOIAGER 5: further other advantages

The V5 has a better accuracy e precisionthe entire V5 fleet is equipped with the latest technology Internet of Things (IoT), thanks to which users will be able to finish their rides at designated parking points with less than one meter accuracy. On V5 scooters, users and non-users can report any incorrect parking directly to the Voi team by simply scanning the code QR with the camera of their smartphone. In this way, the company team will be able to intervene in a short time. You developed the V5 going to strengthen the points where the V4 required major repairs, with a view to increasing the life of the vehicle.

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