Voice assistants help seniors feel less alone

Gli assistenti vocali aiutano gli anziani a sentirsi meno soli thumbnail

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Voice assistants can be a way for older users to feel less alone as well as to make life easier. The confirmation comes from an investigation by the Catholic University Research Center, EngageMinds HUB, in collaboration with DataWizard and with the non-conditioning contribution of Amazon. The survey took into consideration the opinion of 60 users between the ages of 65 and 80 to understand the type of relationship that exists between the elderly and voice assistants.

Voice assistants make older people feel less alone

According to 62% of the sample, voice assistants can help them feel less alone. It should be noted that 98% expressed a willingness to communicate with other people through new technologies and 75% highlighted an improvement in their well-being when using Alexa. 52% kept their well-being high. The impact of voice assistants on the lives of the elderly therefore appears to be very positive.

The expert’s comment

Guendalina Graffigna, Professor of Health and Consumption Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan-Cremona and director of EngageMinds HUB, he underlines: “These are implications of great interest. Just think of how the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated, when not imposed, a paradigm shift in family relationships through the use of remote connections, but also to the growing digitization of public administration that implies, with the SPID, the creation their own digital identity with which to access many services “