Volkswagen Golf: restyling to celebrate 50 years

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The new restyling of the Volkswagen Golf arrives, to celebrate the 50th anniversary and to guide the car manufacturer towards a bright future

They passed well 50 years from the first Volkswagen Golf, which in fact dates back to the now distant times 1974. We had mentioned the 2024 Volkswagen Golf restyling in this article, but now the company has presented it to us in great detail. The new model is renewed in terms of technology, comfort, safety, design and engines, all in line with the changing times. Now we can finally see all the new features of this car.

Volkswagen Golf: restyling to celebrate 50 years

The company’s future can be seen in the restyling of the Volkswagen Golf

Since the launch of the first Golf model 50 years ago, the car it has evolved and now he has a infotainment system with a completely new concept and a plug-in hybrid drive last generation. Thomas SchaferCEO of Volkswagen, said:

For half a century, the Golf has represented the heart of the brand: mobility accessible to all with the highest technical level. It has always adapted to customer needs, thus becoming a world sales champion. And it is precisely on this assumption that the latest evolutionary level of the series is based, more Golf than ever and equipped with greater efficiency, comfort, prestige and a new control concept

The new models of Golf e Golf Variant they can be recognized by the changes on the front. It stands out illuminated VW logofor the first time in Europe, ei butt is led of new concept. These headlights offer high-performance high beams, with a range up to 500 m. Not recently too rear light clusters. Speaking instead ofinfotainmentnow has intuitive controls with visually separated touchscreen and below it there are illuminated and optimized touch sliders temperature and volume adjustment. There’s also the again multifunction steering wheel and theIda2 voice assistant, with which you can also search for information online. The assistance systems have also been renewed, with the introduction of Park Assist Plus revisited and the Park Assist Pro2which allow you to park using your smartphone and in addition there is the 360 degree Area View.

Lots of news for the too engines. The new plug-in hybrid drives on offer fast DC charging lots of power and a range of around 100 km. Alternatively there are also engines High efficiency 48V mild hybrid. The Golf GTI today is even sportier, with the turbo power increased by 15 kWin order to reach the 195 kW (265 HP). They have also upgraded the 2.0 TSI engine to 150 kW (204 HP) by a lot 10 kW, but this version is not available in Italy. At launch, different new propulsion systems will be available for the half-hybrid, plug-in hybrid, turbo petrol and turbo diesel variants.

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