VPN use is increasing in Ukraine and Russia

L'uso della VPN aumenta in Ucraina e Russia thumbnail

Due to internet restrictions, in Ukraine e Russia a boom download in the VPN app. This sudden increase shows how much this war is unfolding not only on earth but also in cyberweb. Let’s find out all the details together.

VPN: increase of downloads in Ukraine and Russia

In Ukrainethe search volume of VPNs increased by about 600% between February 27th and March 2nd. Second Top 10 VPNwhich reports this kind of data, the number is indicative of Russian cyber attacks on the country’s online infrastructures.

One such event took place on February 24, the first day of the Russian invasion, for example. Other cyberattacks have targeted the Ukrainian government websites. In Russia, however, the restrictions placed on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as i foreign media siteshave led to a increased use of VPNs. Between February 27 and March 3, demand increased by 668%.

By far the largest research interest in VPNs was generated in the current year by a coordinated internet shutdown in Kazakhstan on 5 January. The government pulled the internet plug after protests erupted over rising natural gas prices after the end of a price limit. VPN searches increased by about 3.400% as result.

In Asiamoderate increases in VPN searches were seen in early 2020, when the Myanmar he proposed severe penalties on the use of VPNs as part of the new legislation. Following this decision, Cambodia has considered a national internet gateway. Similar to the internet checks implemented in China, all web traffic in the country would go through a single point of entry controlled by the governmentif the plan were implemented.

Virtual private networks – or VPNs – allow web users to mask their location and therefore circumvent the blocking of web services based on location. For more details on these data, you can consult the official website of Statista.