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Nissan e-4ORCE, ramen-proof comfort and control

Nissan recently released a video showing how the e-4ORCE technology guarantee the maximum comfort on board of cars equipped with this system. Below we present the video and further details.

Nissan e-4ORCE, ramen-proof comfort and control

In the video, the more advanced all-wheel drive system Nissan has found aoriginal application in transport of bowls of ramen. A four-wheel drive motorized tray transports to the restaurant table, directly from the chef to the customer, bowls full of noodles and broth. The most interesting aspect? No drops was paid on the way.

Plus the bowl does not move and its content does not sway. This is because the tray it moves smoothly and stops without pitchingthanks to the refined control operated by e-4ORCE. The video is very effective in making people understand how this system works.

The stable and smooth ride that characterizes the e-4ORCE derives from an accurate control system of the motive power andaction of the brakes on the four wheels. Thanks to e-4ORCE the car is capable of maintain the trajectory in any situation and on any road surface, without having to change driving style.

The e-4ORCE tray is equipped with two electric motors independently operated, with a special setting, which they ensure on the restaurant counter same fast acceleration characteristics and smooth ride that Nissan Ariya con e-4ORCE when traveling by road.

Development of e-4ORCE

The result of Nissan’s experience in the development of sports cars and off-road vehicles, the e-4ORCE was born from symbiosis between the distribution system of the ATTESA E-TS pair of Nissan GT-R eil Intelligent all-wheel drive system by Nissan Patrol. If you want to know more about Ariya’s e-4ORCE technology, you can consult the official website.

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