Vueling impiega le tecnologie IA e VR per migliorare i processi e l'esperienza utente thumbnail

Vueling employs AI and VR technologies to improve processes and user experience

Vuelingpart of the IAG group, is adopting artificial intelligence and virtual reality in its processes to improve the efficiency of operations and user experience. The company, which has innovation in its DNA, already has several pioneering projects based on these technologies, developed as part of the transformation plan with which it seeks to anticipate the challenges of the future.

Vueling adopts new AI and VR technologies

Among these, the initiative “centralized operations”, relating to the management and consultation of internal documents, which is transforming the way Vueling professionals interact with the company’s key information, exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence to streamline complex internal processes.

The Speech Avatar is among the technologies most used by Vueling

Vueling will also incorporate “Speech Avatar”a technology that allows users to interact with talking avatars through text entry and use real-time interactive bots, which enable more interesting and realistic digital interactions, improving response times and simplifying processes.

Virtual reality for training

The Virtual reality (VR) is another of the innovation projects that will soon be adopted in the training and certification of the company’s cabin crew. Through one VR training platform, cabin crew can immerse themselves in realistic and more complex scenarios, which reflect real aircraft environments. This initiative improves preparation and builds student confidence, increasing certification success rates and reducing the learning curve.

Virtual reality is a key technology for simplifying operations, improving efficiency and promoting innovation. In this way, Vueling It involves multiple applications of VR in different functions such as training, on-boarding processes, maintenance routines and more.

Persona+ technology generates dynamic archetypes

Finally, the project Persona+ represents a step forward in understanding and engaging with users. Based on GPT-4 technology, this initiative consists of generating dynamic archetypes that best represent different customer profiles. Through conversations with fictitious characters, the various departments of the company can try different approaches within their own area with the aim of gaining knowledge of the different profiles and improving service and customer attention.

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