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Anime Breakfast Chara: Deku, a big dreamer

Welcome to this new episode of Anime Breakfast! Today we go back to talking specifically about characters, and the protagonist of this episode is a much loved character, who inspires many young people. In today’s Anime Breakfast Chara we talk about Deku, or Midoriya, however you prefer to call him. The undisputed protagonist of My Hero Academia!

A few episodes ago we already talked about My Hero Academia, which it has become for a few years now one of the most popular and loved anime from the otaku community and beyond. Within this series there are many interesting characters who deserve an episode dedicated to them, but we want to give precedence to the undisputed protagonist of the work created by Kōhei Horikoshi. Obviously we are talking about the great dreamer destined to be the greatest hero of all: Deku! Better known to his friends and family as Izuku Midoriya.

An ordinary boy | Anime Breakfast Chara: Deku, a big dreamer

Little Izuku Midoriya is born in a world inhabited by superheroes. This civilization is full of them and many superheroes have been trained in special schools where they have ended up becoming both celebrities and real heroes. guardians. The superhero, in this world, is in fact a job. Little Midoriya’s absolute favorite superhero since his childhood has always been All Might, the number one superhero, who always faced all his difficulties and saved civilians with a smile on his face. From an early age, Midoriya was inspired by him to become like him, thus becoming a hero. The problem, however, was that Midoriya was born without powers. In this world, powers are obtained from birth, they don’t appear randomly like magic tricks. But things change when Midoriya is noticed by All Mightthe moment he decided to save his childhood friend Bakugou from the attack of a mutant supervillain.

At that moment, however, All Might was weakened after saving both boys and Midoriya could see the man hiding behind the smile, Toshinori Yagi. A noble and selfless man for sure, but still weak and gloomy. The heroic counterpart he shows is completely different from what he really is, especially because he is tired of his job and plans to retire soon. Noticing young Midoriya’s determination and heroism, Toshinori then decides to mentor him and help him become a hero, giving him some of his power. Because yes, Toshinori also became a hero from nothing, thanks to his old mentor who had passed his on to him quirk (the name used to refer to superpowers), i.e. the One For All. From that moment on, the number one superhero directs Midoriya to the school in which to study.

Anime Breakfast Chara: Deku, a big dreamer

The birth of a hero | Anime Breakfast Chara: Deku, a big dreamer

Obviously, with the power that All Might has given him, even a small part of it, means having a great responsibility. Even just a small percentage of that power means you’re already starting with a huge advantage, although Midoriya must keep the secret and never reveal to anyone that All Might has chosen him as his successor. An extra hand, which however she must know how to use to her advantage, fortunately she becomes more and more aware of it as the episodes go by, as she uses it.

The quirk of All For One it is so big that using it 100% would mean breaking bones and risking your life, since Midoriya’s thin and small body is not yet ready to tolerate so much power. Anyway, she manages to pass the entrance test and get into the Class Aa class in which he finds himself together with his childhood friend Bakugou, but also other new companions. Among these we find Yuga Aoyama, Mina Ashido, Tsuyu Asui, Tenya Ida, Mashirao Ojiro, Denki Kaminari, Eijiro Kirishima, Koji Koda, Rikido Sato, Mezo Shoji, Kyoka Jiro, Hanta Sero, Fumikage Tokoyami, Toru Hagakure, Minoru Mineta e Momo Yaoyorozu. Among these are added Ochaco Urarakathe girl with whom Midoriya falls in love and then we also find Shot Todoroki. The latter become very close allies to Midoriya.

Anime Breakfast Chara: Deku, a big dreamer

Help your teammates | Anime Breakfast Chara: Deku, a big dreamer

One of the reasons that would make us love this character the most is his great humility and kindness. Deku, in fact, immediately demonstrates that he knows the meaning of hero. He finds this even just in giving a hand to an old lady to cross the road, in saving a kitten from a tree or, again, help his teammates. When he enters the school he already starts breathing air of competition, there are many kids like him who would like to become heroes like the great pillars of superhero society. Midoriya knows this, which is why he trains harder than others, because, if others were born with those powers, Midoriya never had the opportunity to learn to control and use them. The boy is as if he were just born, with the One For All quirk.

But the boy also gets noticed by the higher levels of the school during a championship, in which the students clashed against each other to demonstrate that they were skilled and strong, able to control their powers. Own Shot Todoroki becomes the opponent with whom Midoriya puts himself to the test. In the battle against him, she manages to learn the basics of controlling her quirk, but at the same time she encourages Todoroki to continue fighting when she is about to lose. This is a real one heroic act, which is the focal point upon which the entire superhero school is based. Which is why, during this selection championship, Midoriya is chosen to join the class. Among the tasks he gets, then, is to choose his hero’s name. The choice falls on Dekuthe derogatory name Bakugou constantly referred to him with to make fun of him.

Anime Breakfast Chara: Deku, a big dreamer

Determination, perseverance and discipline

In order to summarize the essence of this character, we would say that Midoriya is a dreamer. An ordinary boy who was lucky enough to find himself under All Might’s protective wing and thus receive the power he needed to become a hero. But he’s not just a dreamer, he is also a good person, that friend you can always count on and trust blindly. But most of all and a source of inspiration, especially for all those who have a dream and want to make it come true. The protagonist started with nothing and slowly managed to make himself known, climb the ranks and obtain the respect and recognition he deserved to become a hero. Deku is proof that dreams can come true, with determination, perseverance and discipline. Everyone can make their dream come true if they really want it to come true.

The Anime Breakfast episode comes to an end! What do you think of Deku? Do you like the protagonist? Tell us your opinion in the comments and continue to follow us on so you don’t miss the next episode of Anime Breakfast!

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