Vulnerability on Chrome: the browser must be updated immediately!

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Google immediately recommends updating your browser following vulnerabilities in Chrome that could cause you to run bad risks

This Friday November 25th is marked by the release of a corrective patch for Chrome, Chromium and all the browsers that derive from them. We actually speak of the eighth update distributed by Google this year. However, this is an emergency update following the vulnerabilities found and defined as “highly critical”.

The concerns were that by exploiting them, it would be possible to allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on the remote system. By, for example, opening a malicious web page or a file for less than noble purposes.

The flaw that originated the vulnerability in Chrome

This is the named flaw CVE-2022-4135, discovered by a team member Threat Analysis Group of Google, Clement Lecigne. This flaw can cause a heap buffer overflow, i.e. a problem that generates an overwriting of a portion of data contained in memory. This flaw, if exploited, can give rise to important problems from safety.

Vulnerability on Chrome: the browser must be updated immediately!

As yet, Google’s technicians have not clarified whether this flaw has already been used for cyber attacks, in fact a cautionary line for which i technical details they still remain secrets. All users of Chrome and derivative browsers have been though warmly invited update the software to the latest version available. To do this, in the case of Chrome, just type chrome://settings/help on the barra of the addresses and make sure you are using the version 107.0.5304.122 or later.

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