Wang Xiang of Xiaomi participates in the WEF talking about the future of the company

Wang Xiang di Xiaomi partecipa al WEF e parla dei futuri obiettivi dell'azienda thumbnail

Wang Xiang, partner and president of Xiaomi, attended the World Economic Forum (WEF), held these days in Davos. The manager had the opportunity to discuss with Angela Hau, Europe Bureau Chief of Sina Finance during an online conversation in which various topics and, above all, the theme of the improvement of people’s lives thanks to innovative technology.

Note that during the event, Wang Xiang also talked about the new partnership between Xiaomi and Leica, destined to increase the performance in the imaging sector of Xiaomi smartphones. Furthermore, the confirmation of new e continuous investments in the IoT product sector for the foreseeable future. These points represent just some of the confirmations of Xiaomi’s commitment to support, with technology, the improvement of people’s lives.

Le parole di Wang Xiang sul futuro di Xiaomi

Wang Xiang declares: “The realization of our dreams is all the work of innovation and technology. Technological development and how it will impact consumers is a topic that concerns us closely. Our dream is simple: we want to guarantee everyone a better life through innovative technology. Xiaomi products are simple and easy to use and with us technology can really become part of everyday life “. As for the future, Wang Xiang also points out: “We want to overcome these challenges together with the entire industry and our users. We hope to be able to make a good contribution to consumers, so that they can enjoy a better life “