Wanna, the docuseries on the famous TV seller are coming

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Wanna arrives on Netflix, the docuseries that tells the incredible story of Wanda Marchi, the most famous TV seller in Italy

An incredible and famous Italian story comes to life on Netflix starting September 21st. Wanna tells the story of the scam operated by Wanna Brands, the most famous TV seller in Italy. Written by Alessandro Garramone and Davide Bandiera, the series is directed by Nicola Prosatore and was produced by Gabriele Immirzi for Fremantle Italia. Four episodes that tell the incredible story of the Wanna Marchi scam, created with the help of an incredible repertoire consisting of 22 testimonies, 60 hours of interviews and images and over 100 hours of archival material. An enormous work, aimed at reconstructing and recounting a case that had an incredible media response in Italy and marked the history of Italian television.

What Wanna is about

Netflix’s production is therefore centered on the controversial figure of Wanna Marchi, who with her aggressive style sells miraculous slimming creams to viewers. His parable takes place in the 1980s, in the golden age of television, and the success of his teleshopping is incredible. Together with his daughter Stefania Nobilethe woman builds a real empire, which however begins to crumble since the 90s.

The luck made with slimming and anti-aging creams stops spinning and then Wanna and Stefania decide to rebuild it by marketing another product: luck itself. Amulets and blessed numbers become the goods offered by women, together with the Master of life From birth. Wanna and Stefania’s business comes back to life, the machine returns to produce money, but soon the essence of that operation is revealed: one of the biggest scams in the history of television.

The production of the series

Wanna is an ambitious series, the production of which lasted about two years, with a full nine months of editing. The work of preparatory research for writing, with the retrieval of the huge material on which the series is based, which took about a year in the life of a team of three journalists and as many image researchers. The work of the production team was divided into three directions: the search for people, repertoires and the reconstruction of facts.

The manufacturer Gabrielle Immirzi he underlined how, at the time the work on Wanna began, there were no books or investigations that accurately reconstructed the story. The team therefore had to carry out a work of reconstruction of facts, obtaining information from fact-finding interviews and analyzing the papers of the judicial processes that took place. After this preliminary work, we moved on to the search for the most substantial testimonies, with the preparation of 22 interviews selected from over 150 witnesses who told their experience with Wanna Marchi and their daughter Stefania Nobile.

This research work on people was very long and was accompanied by that of the repertoires, with the analysis of the teleshopping carried out by the two women. A difficult material to find, reconstructed with hard work divided between private TV, newspaper archives and private collections.

The direction and the soundtrack

The preliminary work to build Wanna was huge, as was the work in the making of the series. Director Nicola Prosatore he had to handle a very full-bodied material, choosing episodes and events to highlight and making aesthetic choices aimed at giving shape to the incredible repertoire available. The soundtrack instead bears the signature of the guitarist and composer from Romagna Don Antonio.

The four episodes of Wanna will therefore be available starting from 21 September on Netflix: a great opportunity to rediscover one of the greatest stories of Italian television. Below is the trailer for the series.

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