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Wanna: the unfiltered tale of an incredible Italian story

On September 21, all countries will debut on Netflix Wanna, the new docu-series about Wanna Marchi

Fremantle Italia has produced a new crime docu-series in 4 episodes. This is Wanna, which will be available on Netflix starting from 21 September.

The series teaser is available here.

Through archive images and various testimonies, Wanna retraces all the events of the most famous TV seller in ItalyWanna Marchi and her daughter, Stefania Nobile.

A accurate reconstruction of the twenty years between the 80s and the early 2000scharacterized by the first teleshopping and by a strong change in generalist TV.

It is in this context that the events of Wanna Marchi and Stefania Nobile who soon become the queens undisputed of this new business.

The series, the subject and the production

The series tells the more and less known aspects concerning the story of the two queens of telesales until the crumbling of their empire and the subsequent judicial affair. Everything about this story is staged by archive images and testimonies, even the overwhelming impact it had on the media and on the viewers who followed it.

Wanna: the unfiltered tale of an incredible Italian story

The docu-series is realized through 22 testimonies, about 60 hours of interviews and images taken from over 100 hours of archival materials for reconstruct events accurately.

Wanna is written by Alessandro Garramone and Davide Bandiera, directed by Nicola Prosatore and produced by Gabriele Immirzi for Fremantle Italia.


Throughout the 1980s the image of Wanna Marchi and her aggressive voice dominated all television screens in which he proposed slimming and miraculous creams. Her products go crazy and make her and her daughter very rich and famous.

However towards the beginning of the 90s his incredible empire collapses echoing a sensational failure that feeds Wanna and Stefania an incredible thirst for redemption.

So the two decide to go all out, leaving the beauty products for the magic. Slimming and anti-wrinkle creams thus give way to amulets and blessed numbers sold together with the Master of life Do Nascimento. This amazing money machine would later turn out to be something else: one sensational scamrealized thanks to an unsuspected accomplice, television.

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