War Is Over nominated in the Cinema of the real category at the Nastri d’Argento 2022

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Stefano Obino’s documentary, War Is Over; obtains the nomination for the Nastri d’Argento 2022, in the Cinema of the real category. A true hymn to life, made up of hopes for the future

Presented in the section Panorama Italy from Alice in the Cityduring the last edition of the Rome Film Fest; the documentary War Is Over from Stefano Obino, obtains the official candidacy for the 2022 Silver Ribbons; as a Cinema of the real.

And vivid and intense journey on resilience to discover Iraqi Kurdistanan area deeply affected by the harsh conflict against Isis, which despite the many difficulties, still sees a breath of life.

Not the classic documentary, as much as a tale of hope and way of seeing things; a hymn to life and “reconstruction” in everyday life.

War Is Over nominated in the Cinema of the real category at the Nastri d'Argento 2022

War Is Over: Rebirth from the Shards

The story of a mother who moves among the fragments of a destroyed city; showing to the spectators, a journey of reconstruction made of simple things. A discreet but never distant look of a city that does not want to give uptrying to carry on despite adversity.

The disasters of war make room for a large swimming pool, animated by the laughter of young people swimming. A refugee camp is transformed into a city marked by life, where you order a pizza at home from your tent, or gather to watch a football match with your friends.

The magnificence of Art transforms an old tobacco factory into a hotbed of young creatives.

A wise use of images and sounds, able restore dignity and undermine the commonplaces of war, transforming violence into beauty.

The film was produced by the same Stefano Obino and from Tania Masi with the collaboration of the NGO Aispo (Italian Association for Solidarity between Peoples), which reconstructs health facilities on the Kurdish territory and provides health training to the local population in order to manage the situation beyond the emergency.

Such collaboration with Aispo it allowed access to structures and places that would otherwise have been impossible to reach.

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