Warframe: here are the details of the new expansion Call of the Tempestarii

Warframe: here are the details of the new expansion Call of the Tempestarii

Warframe is updated with the new expansion Call of the Tempestarii and with an update for the Xbox Series X / S console that improves the technical sector

The new Warframe expansion, call Call of the Tempestarii, is available on all platforms. The MMO title of Digital Extremes also comes with a new graphic design on Xbox Series X consoles, after the last patch had improved its performance on PlayStation 5 as well.

The contents of Call of the Tempestarii, the new expansion of Warframe

Call of the Tempestarii will greatly expand Warframe content. Space Battles on Railjack, introduced with an add-on in 2019, will be made one of the central points of the experience. Now players will be able to hire a crew for his ship, giving him orders while concentrating on other objectives. In the new dedicated Quest, moreover, you will have to face a Corpus fleet in an attempt to find a ghost ship. Inside, it will make its appearance Sevagoth, the latest Warframe added to the title. His ability will be to harvest the souls of enemies to fill the Death Well, then freeing his Exalted Shadow to smash opponents with melee attacks.

The Call of the Tempestarii update is on par with l’arrivo dell’update next-gen su Xbox Series X. The update has been long awaited by fans, after its arrival on PlayStation 5 already a few months ago. The update allows the title to support the 4K at 60 frames per second, but it also introduces dynamic lighting and improved rendering, as well as reduced loads compared to the past. Obviously, unlike what happens on the PlayStation 5, on the Xbox Series X it is not possible to enjoy the features that the DualSense has.

Warframe continues to expand relentlessly. The success of the free to play MMO of Digital Extremes is seen by many as the possibility of a healthy free-to-play model that is not rendered impracticable by hypertrophic microtransactions. Should you wish to purchase Warframe packages at a discounted priceHowever, you might want to check out Instant-Gaming. And don’t forget to follow us on the tuttotek pages to keep up to date on the world of technology and video games.

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