WarioWare Move It preview: prepare for delirium

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In the years Wario taught us that a pinch of madness every now and then doesn’t hurt, especially if we take that pinch to very high levels of nonsense with the addition of adrenaline and a frenetic pace! Well, these are the magical ingredients that we will also find in WarioWare Move it! The new chapter of the WarioWare series arriving next November 3rd. Thanks to Nintendo, we had the opportunity to preview the delirious sequel and some of the crazy minigames that we will find in WarioWare Move it!

With this chapter we return a little to the origins of the WarioWare series and exploits the potential of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con to offer fresh, fun and fast gameplay… very fast!

Our preview of WarioWare Move It!

In WarioWare Move it! we will have over 200 minigames available lasting a handful of seconds which contribute to the frenetic pace of the game. Each game uses the mechanics of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con which we will have to position in a certain way and shake, “throw”, move, move, undulate, walk and so on and so forth. The outcome of the minigame will obviously depend on our skills but we won’t even have time to understand what just happened when the next minigame is already about to start!

A small tutorial at the beginning of each game will explain what to do but let me tell you that it will be impossible to predict the sensations and emotions they will give us. During our preview, in fact, we put all our video game experience into play but we underestimated Wario’s madness. WarioWare Move it! in fact, it is characterized by a frenetic pace of the minigames which contributes to the hilarity of the whole thing. Whether you play alone or in local multiplayer, laughs are guaranteed. Not only for the creativity and quantity of the minigames, but also for the delirious way in which they are represented to us. And so we will find ourselves controlling a Wario-Train with very muscular arms (don’t ask yourself why) or admiring mustachioed angels reacting to the music we will create with the Joy-Cons.

Every element we’ve come to love in the WarioWare series returns in this brilliant new chapter.

The Wario Guarantee!

Already with WarioWare: Get it Together, released in 2021, he had shown us how much Wario could benefit from the versatility of the Joy-Con and with Move It! we have had confirmation that they seem to be made precisely for these types of video games, those party games that over the years have become one of Nintendo’s strong points.

Also WarioWare: Move it! offers a story mode that, although not the central focus of the game, we found stimulating and we can’t wait to discover it all in the full game. For the rest, Wario remains Wario in all his delirious splendor and seems to have, once again, enough wheels out of place to offer us another fun party game to play with friends.

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