Batman Arkham Trilogy: new release date on Switch

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Batman Arkham Trilogy for Switch has been postponed: in this article we present the new release date of the collection in question

A post fromBatman Arkham official Twitter account confirmed that theexit of the edition Trilogyexpected in date October 13th, has been postponed by two months. “Batman: Arkham Trilogy for Nintendo Switch will launch on December 1, 2023“, we read in the announcement. “More time is needed to give players the best possible experience on Nintendo Switch. We apologize to the fans who can’t wait to play this version of the trilogy. Thanks for your patience”. Arkham Trilogy, with all previously released downloadable content, will represent the first release of a title from the series in question on Nintendo consoles. The trilogy is developed for Switch by Turn Me Up Gameswhich has already worked on the Switch versions of It Takes Two, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 and Borderlands Legendary Collection.

Batman Arkham Trilogy: updated release on Switch and the future of Rocksteady Studios

Originally developed by Rocksteadythe games included in the Batman Arkham Trilogy (of which the release date is now set at 1° December 2023) were a huge success upon their release. Since then, Rocksteady’s next project, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, encountered some difficulties. The game, which was welcomed by fans after a gameplay presentation, has been delayed for almost a year. In a statement released in April, the studio said that the title in question has been moved from its previously scheduled release in May to February 2, 2024. “We made the difficult but necessary decision to take the time to work to make the game the best possible experience for players in terms of quality,” Rocksteady said.

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