Warner Bros. Games: Important updates on two games

Warner Bros. Games: importanti aggiornamenti su due giochi thumbnail

Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios celebrate the holidays with a major content update and FREE in-game gifts for Mortal Kombat Mobile and Injustice 2 Mobile.

Voted by the player community as one of the most desired characters, Sindel from Mortal Kombat 11 makes its debut in Mortal Kombat Mobile. His arrival is accompanied by a limited-time challenge in the Tower of the Dark Queen, new Brutalities for Mileena and Jax’s Diamond variants, and various improvements and optimizations of the game.

Also, a freezing chill will come in December in Injustice 2 Mobile, when Mister Freeze joins the ranks of DC Super Heroes and Super Villains as a playable legendary character. It will come along with a new Lone Raid event and introduce cryogenic artifacts with special effects.


Already available, Sindel MK11 Diamond is the latest character from Mortal Kombat Mobile as well as former queen of Edenia, and will do everything to maintain her privileges and her supremacy. The mystical abilities of Sindel make her one of the most damaging characters in MK11’s team. His deadly banshee screams cross realms, weakening and slowing opponents and causing them to bleed. Sindel he can also counter-attack enemies with a stun move, but players will need to take care to use this move wisely.

More updates for Mortal Kombat Mobile include:

  • NEW – Tower of the Dark Queen (available now): the new Tower of the Dark Queen is in the past during the Edenian War, when the Outer Realm invaded Edenia. There is no time to choose who to side with! To survive, players will have to fight both the Edenians and the warriors of the Outer Realm. Along the way, Kombatants will get new Equipment cards from the Dark Queen’s Tower, and whoever reaches the top will get a guaranteed Diamond character, which could also be Rain MK11.
  • NEW – Brutality (available now): Diamond variants of Mileena and Jax now have the mobile version of Brutality. Smash enemies’ skulls with Mileena’s teletrasplat final blow and blast enemies with Jax’s bazooka to see how they explode. Players can unlock these finishing moves and equipment for Brutality via the Tower of the Dark Queen.
  • NEW – Hanzo Advent Calendar (14-25 December): As a special holiday gift, players will be able to log in every day and receive a mystery game gift, each better than the last.
  • NEW – Various improvements and optimizations (immediately available): Players will now be able to upgrade their collection faster by using the character upgrade bars and special attacks of several levels at once. In addition, characters will be able to choose to view the health of their characters expressed in health points or as a percentage of maximum health. Additionally, the health gauge will be highlighted when a Brutality can be performed.


Mister Freeze, the new legendary character, arriving in December, will join the ranks of characters in Injustice 2 Mobile. This glacial fighter deals additional damage to frozen targets, and will do even more by spending energy bars. Mister Freeze and his legendary companions will be able to hit opponents multiple times before the freeze runs out and inflict Frostbites soon after. Finally, it can also create a frozen field which increases its energy regeneration and freezes enemies.

More updates for Injustice 2 Mobile include:

  • NEW – Lone Raid Event: Under Ice! (coming soon): Mister Freeze he is gathering some old acquaintances and awakening his army from cryostasis to steal resources that he will need to heal his beloved wife, Nora. His reckless plan will endanger the lives of many people and players will have to save Gotham before it freezes the city and everyone who inhabits it. Those who complete the event will have the chance to get a Mister Freeze from 3 stars.
  • NEW – Cryogenic Artifacts (coming soon): New cryogenic artifacts will help players defeat Mister Freeze and his team of cryogenic bosses during the Under Ice event. Players will become immune to freezing by wearing the new Polar Footwear and will also be able to have a chance to apply Snowstorm by equipping the new Freezing Grenade.
  • NEW – FREE Holiday Gifts (Coming Soon): the calendar of the Redemption of Mister Freeze it is full of surprises. For ten consecutive days, fans will be able to redeem a free gift every 24 hours.