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Warner Bros Games: More live service games coming in the future

Even Disney’s eternal rival rides the Fortnite wave: from Warner Bros Games we should expect titles more tending towards live service

That of the live service It’s a business model that publishers have been eyeing ever since Epic Games laid its golden eggs, and now Warner Bros Games wants a slice of this multibillion-dollar pie too. At the expense of the continued success of single-player games (which will undoubtedly be properly celebrated in a month) David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Group, confirmed that the gaming arm of the production company will place a greater emphasis on the concept of “games as a service” over more traditional single-player experiences. The company aims to “raise the bar on interaction and monetization for the long term.”

More live service in Warner Bros Games titles: Zaslav’s challenge

Continuing, the financial newspaper Seeking Alpha (above) outlines David Zaslav’s plans well in his transcript. “Our goal is to transform our major franchises from console and PC experiences with three to four year release windows to more gameplay-inclusive live services,” said Zaslav. “We ultimately aim to drive interaction and monetization of longer cycles to greater levels.” Everything matches what has been shown so far for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Mortal Kombat 1 also puts the upcoming DLC ​​on the same level as the various Fortnite-style item shops. Accompanying such aggressive monetization with games sold at full price it doesn’t always pay off (see Chocobo GP and Marvel’s Avengers), but we’ll have to wait for other developments.

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