Guarda il nuovo trailer di System Shock narrato da SHODAN thumbnail

Watch the new System Shock trailer narrated by Shodan

Watch the new System Shock trailer narrated by SHODAN thumbnail

The neurotic and evil artificial intelligence SHODAN tells us in first person, even if he is not a person, the new trailer for System Shock. The game is currently available for pre-order and consists of a remake of the original sci-fi from 1994, with updated controls and an improved interface. The remake is the result of the work of the developers of Nightdive Studioswho worked closely with some of the original team members from 1994. In short, a way to pay homage to the most nostalgic players, at the same time conquering the new generations.

SHODAN presents us the new trailer of System Shock

In playing System Shock you will find yourself aboard an abandoned space station called Citadel Station. Your only goal will be to survive to defeat SHODAN (Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network). No, we’re not talking about a three-headed alien, but about an evil and advanced artificial intelligence, programmed for one purpose: to destroy humanity. And guess what? You are part of that humanity!

Players will then need to use a combination of stealth, cunning and futuristic weapons to explore new areas of the Citadel Station. It will be necessary avoid traps, solve puzzles and reveal the many secrets hidden in the space station. All to reach and neutralize SHODAN. Obstructing the mission, however, will be a veritable army of hostile and mutated creatures, created and controlled by the evil AI.


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The game is currently available for pre-order per PC tramite Steam, GOG ed Epic Games Store. Also planned for a release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X | S.

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