Triumph OSET Bikes acquisition of the first motocross and enduro bikes

Triumph acquisisce OSET Bikes e muove i primi passi nel settore motocross ed enduro thumbnail

Triumph Motorcycles announced the acquisition of OSET Bikes , producer leader of electric trial motorcycles for children. It is part of the iconic British motorcycle brand’s new strategy, ahead of the announced launch of its range motocross ed enduro.

OSET Bikes is a brand that Ian Smith founded in 2004 when he wanted to make an electric off-road motorcycle for his son Oliver. Since, OSET has been the benchmark in its segment for 18 years, selling over 40,000 motorcycles worldwide powered by in-house developed electrical systems.

The acquisition of OSET Bikes is part of the strategic plan of Triumph to enter the off-road segment, as announced in 2020. It also offers both companies the opportunity to share and mutually benefit from the knowledge and experience within their respective segments. This will allow both companies to grow in parallel internationally.

Triumph with the acquisition of OSET Bikes wants to attract the attention of little bikers

The “For The Ride” philosophy of Triumph played a key role in the acquisition of OSET. They explain from the brand that: “It allows us to inspire future generations of motorcyclists, giving them the perfect starting point to develop their passion and their dreams”.

OSET Bikes offers products suitable for any motorcyclist from 3 years old.

Triumph CEO Nick Bloor explained: “We are excited about this opportunity to join forces with OSET Bikes – a dynamic brand that has been encouraging children to ride for many years; and that is at the forefront of developing electric trial bikes for fun and competition. While both brands will continue to work independently, Triumph and OSET will collaborate on cutting-edge new products to inspire young off-road riders within the categories in which Triumph and OSET will be featured, drawing on their respective strengths to produce the best. motorcycles in the world “.

on your part, Ian Smith , CEO of OSET Bikeshe added: “When we built the first bike for my son Oliver in the garage, I didn’t know we could go that far. We are all very excited about what the future holds for OSET as part of the Triumph family ”.

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