Watches for men: what to choose between chronographs, analogue, digital or smartwatch?

Watches for men: what to choose between chronographs, analogue, digital or smartwatch? For each type of watch we will present the proposals of two brands and the various price ranges

For a manwristwatch it is much more than just an accessory. It is an object that underlines its personality and says a lot about its character. There are those who love class and elegance and often opt for a chronograph or an analog watch. There are those who want to keep up with the times and with technology and invest their resources in a latest generation smartwatch. The choices are manifold. And to organize yourself among the dozens and dozens of offers available online, we have decided to prepare this guide on the best men’s wristwatches on the market today. For each type of watch we will present the proposals of two brands and the various price ranges.

Men’s watches: the class of chronographs

Chronograph watches are a must for the man who wants to combine class, elegance and sportiness. Among the most interesting proposals are the orology Michael Kors. For some years now, the American brand famous for fashion has also decided to enter the world of watches and has immediately enjoyed great success.

The Michael Kors watch line manages to combine a very elegant and refined design with materials of the highest level. The colors are very traditional and move between the classic white, black, gold and silver, in many cases combined with each other. The movement of these watches is quartz, they have an adjustable strap and withstand up to 10 atmospheres. The chronographs are equipped with a stopwatch and time display.

The prices of Michael Kors watches are also very competitive: they range between 250 and 300 euros.

Definitely interesting too Fossil watches of the latest collections. In this case we are faced with a much more colorful and modern style but no less elegant. Ideal for dynamic people, Fossil watches feature leather straps, chronographs with irregular dials and materials ranging from classic steel to plastic.

Prices of watches Fossil ranging between 150 and 200 euros, the Zalando collection of watches for men offers a wide range to choose from.

Analog watches: the beauty of tradition

The analog men’s watch was the first ever to be created but it hasn’t lost any of its charm. Among all those present in the various online shops and outlets a special place occupies the Daniel Wellington watches. Those who love the great classics cannot fail to have one on their wrist. The design is very minimal and the dials have only the hands, the hour temples and the Daniel Wellington logo at the top. What changes are the shapes and sizes. We can find more or less large round watches, rectangular or square dials, straps in different materials.

Ideal for any outfit. In addition, the prices of Daniel Wellington watches are very competitive: you go from 120 euros for the basic models to 250 euros for the top of the range.

For those who love color and casual style a good choice are Swatch watches. Brightly colored, with decidedly eccentric shapes and with prints inside the dials, these watches are designed for the youngest but are very good on the wrist of those with a strong personality and want to emerge.

The prices of Swatch watches cover all budget needs: ranging from 75 euros for basic models to over 200 for metal models.

Digital watches: for those who want everything at their fingertips

The must have for those who love digital are Casio watches. For some years they have come back strongly in vogue and represent the ideal choice for practical people looking for a comfortable wristwatch for everyday life. The Casio have a lot of cool features like night lighting, date and stopwatch, and the latest collections are downright fancy. The prices of Casio watches are among the most competitive on the market and start at 20 euros. The top model is the G-Shock.

The proposal of Timex, one of the best digital watch brands around. The top model is the Command Urban which, in addition to the date and the alarm, has a time zone function. The introductory price is 129.99 euros.

Smartwatch: when technology meets wristwatches

For some years now, smartwatches have made technology lovers happy and have been enriched with many functions. Today we will not talk about the classic Apple Watch, perhaps the most famous smartwatch ever, but we will focus on two other very important brands.

Halfway between smartwatch and analog watch we find l’Emporio Armani Connected. Extremely elegant, it has a classic style dial and modern functionality. With a simple click we can activate the music player, sleep tracking and activity tracker. It costs 280 euros.

Don’t miss the Skagen smartwatch. In addition to the Armani smartwatch, they give the ability to read text messages and have customizable strap and dial. All with an irresistible 90s pop style. Prices for Skagen watches vary between 220 and 300 euros.