Waze and Renault: the app arrives on infotainment systems

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Waze enter into a partnership with Renault: the navigator app arrives on the infotainment systems of the French car manufacturer, based on Android Auto. Drivers will be able to take advantage of all the features of the application which boasts a community of about 150 million users worldwide.

Waze arrives in the infotainment systems of Renault cars

Born in 2008, Waze had a brilliant idea: to combine satellite images and maps with information provided by crowdsourced users. Over the years, the information has concerned information on the state of traffic, service and electric charging stations (with the related costs), cost of the toll and parking near the destination. Not to mention the location of 655 of first aid and health emergency operating units.

All this information arrives on Renault cars: product of the experiences of 150 million users in 50 countries and 500,000 map editors that keep the routes up to date. Aaron DiCastro, director of marketing and partnerships at Waze, explains that “having Waze’s real-time navigation, route and alerts integrated into the display of Renault vehicles, makes the driving experience streamlined and seamless. We can’t wait to bring you this new driving experience to more users worldwide in 2023.”

Users will then be able to take advantage Waze are Android Auto with the same ease with which they use it on their smartphone. A demonstration of the commitment that Renault is giving the “smart” look of their cars.

Renault has in fact renewed its own partnership con Googlethat since 2013 it has bought Waze. The medium-long term goal is to achieve different levels of autonomous driving, aiming for the intelligent mobility of the future. In the meantime, however, continue the collaboration for Android Auto, which allows you to use the best smartphone apps on your Renault vehicle as well.

Among these, there will also be Waze, with its information to avoid traffic and always find what you are looking for.

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