We are legend: the first images of the TV series directed by Carmine Elia

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Diffused the first images of the teen drama series We are legend directed by Carmine Elia. Starring Claudia Pandolfi, Nicolas Maupas and Lino Guanciale

Widespread on the web, the first official images of the new series We are legenddirected by Carmine Elia (already known for the Mare Fuori series). A teen drama with fantasy hues; centered on a group of young teenagers with mysterious superpowers. With the actors present in the cast Nicolas Maupas (also already known in the Rai Mare Fuori series); together with Claudia Pandolfi; Antonia Liskova; Giacomo Giorgio, Beatrice Vendramin, Giulio Pranno, Valentina Romani, Milo Roussel, Sofya Gershevich, Margherita Aresti, Giulia Lin and Pillow linen.

Conceived by Valerio D’Annunzio and Michelangelo La Neve, the series also sees in this case the Rai Fiction co-production and Fabula Pictures, together with the collaboration with Prime Video.

We are legend: Carmine Elia’s coming-of-age teen drama series

As explained by the director himself Carmine Elia; the new tv series, We are legend, is a pure coming-of-age story; centered on the events of a group of teenagers in present-day Rome.

Endowed with shocking powers, capable of turning their lives upside down; they will begin to confront for the first time what it means to set limits; overcome them, dominate their desires and give shape to their responsibilities. There will be no impossible missions or death-defying actions; but will follow the guideline of the metaphor of adolescence. Here are the statements of the director Carmine Elia:

We Are Legend is a coming of age story. A story totally focused on the characters in which superpowers become a metaphor for the difficulties and possibilities that teenagers are called to face. And also of their formidable potential

In addition to the first official images of the TV series, the series will be aired next October on Rai 2. In the meantime, keep following us on TechGameWorld.com to stay up to date!

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