Apriremo le Tesla con lo smartwatch (o almeno così promette Musk) thumbnail

We will open Teslas with the smartwatch (or so Musk promises)

There are companies that organize press conferences, issue press releases to agencies, hold events open to the public to announce something new. And then there are those in which the CEO responds to a tweet. An owner of one Tesla in the United States he experienced the dilemma when his iPhone he unloaded, locking her out of the car. And he asked: “Why not open the Tesla with a smartwatch?“. Elon Musk only responded: “Right“.

Open the Tesla with the smartwatch? Elon Musk replies: “Of course”

The user “Danielle” explained how, following the “death” of her iPhone, she had to contact her husband to unlock the car remotely. But she wondered why this feature wasn’t also available on theApple Watch, or in general a smartwatch. Musk only responded “Right.”

The answer of Musk, although direct and almost immediate, does not remove all doubts. In fact, nothing seems to suggest that there was already an app Tesla in the pipeline forApple Watch. It therefore seems that Musk found the request logical, and then (hopefully) asked his engineers to put it into practice. Without knowing if it is feasible for all smartwatches and in what times.

More than one user has underlined (as reported by SmartWorld) that developing an app for Apple Watch It’s not exactly a walk in the park, but everyone agrees that it would be a more than welcome addition. At the moment, to check some functions of the Tesla directly from the wrist, enthusiasts must rely on third-party solutions such as Tessie o Stats.

Another electric car manufacturer, Rivian, in the United States, had already announced the arrival of such a function last year. Now Tesla could also launch a similar feature. Provided that, from Musk’s promise, we arrive at a solution on the pulse of Tesla owners.

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