Webcrow 2.0 solves crosswords with artificial intelligence

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Machines can also solve crosswords using artificial intelligence: expert.ai and theUniversity of Siena launch Webcrow 2.0. One of the biggest challenges for a language understanding software, due to the many nuances that words can take on. But the researchers made it, in multiple different languages.

Webcrow 2.0, the artificial intelligence that solves crosswords

Crosswords have been an interesting challenge for over 100 years. They make the most of our language skills, playing on the different a’sconcepts of words and the nuances of languages. “Football” can be a sport or a chemical element. But also by playing with clichés and specific ambiguities.

Can a machine solve them? Marco Gori, Full Professor of the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematical Sciences dell’University of Siena he asked himself. “Can machines solve crosswords like us? How do they cross the definitions, respond to “eighteenth-century musician who conceived the canons” or to “woman’s name”? And again: how can they grasp the tricks, the linguistic nuances, the humor? “

The answer is exciting. Gori explains: “We are thrilled with illustrate the challenge of WebCrowan intelligent machine capable of solving crosswords. “

A machine that can understand, know and reason, simulating the processes that take place in our brain. “We taught the machine to understand the meaning of words and sentences. In fact, it is our job to help organizations to give sense of the immense wealth of information available to improve any activity or business process based on knowledge management ”, he explained Marco Varone, CTO from expert.ai.

And to prove the results, there is nothing better than a challenge. Indeed in Padua from 18 to 23 July there will be the event “Webcrow 2.0 – Human vs. Machine”organized by expert.ai and theUniversity of Sienain collaboration with Sprea Edizioni (unpublished crosswords for the Italian language) e AVCX “Crosswords for the (not) faint of heart” (cruciverba inediti in inglese).

A direct competition with the champions in a multilingual competition. Who will win? Man or machine? We will find out this summer in Padua. Who will you cheer for?

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