Toshiba unveils the new P300 hard drive with a speed of 7200 RPM

Toshiba svela il nuovo hard disk P300 per PC desktop thumbnail

Toshiba announces the debut of the new P300 hard drive. It is a 3.5-inch high-spin hard drive for desktop PC that can guarantee a storage capacity of 2 TB. Toshiba’s new proposal aims to offer excellent performance for all the main contexts of use. The hard disk, in fact, is able to offer superior performance, also guaranteeing a reduction in the total cost of ownership for users. Here are the details of Toshiba’s new proposal.

Toshiba’s new P300 hard drive debuts

Toshiba P300 can count on one 2 TB storage capacity and can support operation a 7200 RPM. This solution is equipped with a 6 Gbit / s SATA interface. Among the main features of Toshiba’s proposal is support for technology Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) which offers a higher capacity than a CMR unit with a reduction in the total cost of ownership. The new Toshiba P300 highspin 2TB integrates a 256MB bugger capable of guaranteeing one constant transfer rate up to 210 MiB / sup to 19% higher than the standard series.

Price and availability

The new hard drives proposed by Toshiba will arrive on the market during the t3rd quarter of 2022. More details on the pricing will come over the next few weeks.

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