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Webidoo SpA lancia Webidoo Gaming

Webidoo SpA, an Italian company specializing in the digital transformation of SMEs, launches Webidoo Gaming, a company active in the e-Sport sector

Webidoo was born in 2017 in the b2b world, currently its core business and in 2021 it faces the consumer world with the opening of Webidoo store, the first tech-experience store in Europe. Now the company adds an important piece to its ecosystem thanks to Webidoo Gaminga company active in the sector e-Sport which launched its own team of professional gamers which has already taken part in some competitions including Rocket League all’Italian Rocket Championship and, from 12 June, to Proving Grounds di League of Legends.

Webidoo enters the world of e-Sports with a straight leg

With millions of players and millions of fans, Esports are the fastest growing sport in the world. According to new data, the global gaming market generated $ 180.3 billion in 2021 and will reach 218 billion in 2024. Below you will find a statement of Manuel Cavalli, co-founder and CEO of Webidoo Gamingwho spoke about the new Webidoo project:

The export world in Italy is still not very structured. As passionate players we have realized that the interest is high but that rapid and constant growth is not accompanied by the organization of the business world. We think it is important to take this opportunity through an articulated project, with a well-defined development plan that includes organization, marketing and communication. The setting of our work will be guided by great attention to CSR issues, in particular eco-sustainability: in collaboration with companies in the sector, we will develop eco-sustainable lines, with recycled and ergonomic materials dedicated to gamers.

Webidoo SpA lancia Webidoo Gaming

The launch of webidoo gaming will be accompanied by a three-day bootcamp in partnership with Spazio LenovoLenovo’s first concept store in the world, which will make its own available Store in the center of Milan to give gamers the opportunity to use the latest generation tools. After presentation of the main teamthe project provides for the establishment of an Academy with training for improve the technical skills of gamerscourses of e-Sports nutrition and sessions of mental coach with an e-Sports Psychologist who carries out a program to intervene on the problems that can generate addiction to video games in adolescents, helping the new generation to have a balanced relationship with digital tools.

Great space will also be given to eventscome amateur and competitive tournaments which have the aim of contributing to building a correct culture around the export world, favoring its harmonization with traditional sport and raising the competitive level on the national territory. To strengthen the team, bootcamp days will also be organized aimed at select players who wish to become professionals. Great centrality will be given to canale Twitch which will be a real window on the world of Webidoo, open 24 hours a day and full of events and initiatives.

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