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“Wedding at all costs” coming up with Michelle Carpente

The new Wedding at all costs format is coming from July 30th. Under the leadership of Michelle Carpente, four couples will have to find their way between the perfect wedding and a tight budget

Last year, with Surprise wedding Italy, Michelle Carpente he had accepted the arduous challenge of organizing an ideal wedding with the help of the friends of the couple. With the new format entitled Marriage at all costs, extremely motivated couples to get married they will literally have to deal with a budget of only 5 thousand euros. The new show, created with Gianluca Potenziani, written with Luigi D’Anna and produced by carpenter with SmartWed, it will see the light on Real Time from 30 July at 3.50 pm, with four episodes to be experienced. Click here to see the wedding promo at all costs.

Wedding at all costs: Michelle Carpente explains how to get married on a shoestring budget

With the new format of Real Time, Carpente will try to help the future spouses advising them on how to save based on priorities. The presenter commented in this regard:

We have been coming for two very difficult years for the wedding sector and also for future spouses. Everyone has their own must have. I, for example, would never give up on music. The task of the wedding planner is to help couples fulfill their wishes, in this case by exploiting what they may already have. I also focus a lot on sustainability. For catering, for example, we have been attentive to waste, which I find a real moral slap in the face, as well as economic. And then staying eight hours at the table just doesn’t work anymore.

“Wedding at all costs” coming up with Michelle Carpente

Carpente continued talking about post-pandemic budget difficulties:

For example, the budget they had set aside for the wedding before the pandemic, today they prefer to use it to take a trip or for the down payment of a house, or to transform the classic traditional wedding they had thought of at the beginning into a real one. your own party to share a special and intimate moment with loved ones, preferring sociality to tradition. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in Italy is not at all ‘luxury’, but we tend to tell or show only weddings with costs that go well beyond the average, leaving the viewer (often future spouses) a feeling of frustration. .

“Wedding at all costs” coming up with Michelle Carpente

Wedding at all costs, a winning format

Marriage at all costs is a new format concentrated in four episodes transmitted every Saturdaywhere a different couple in each episode will have to find the right balance between a beautiful wedding and a budget of only ones 5.000€. With this figure, the Carpente will direct the couple to save according to their needs: dress, catering, location, flowers, wedding rings, music and entertainment. The only item excluded from this project is the honeymoon, something on which it is very difficult to want to save as it seals the beginning of life together. there the message of the format:

You can always get married and in any case without being forced to spend mind-boggling amounts. How? Surely, thanks to the concept of sustainability, flowers and clothes can be reused, but not only … It is easier to organize weddings when you have a large budget available, it is less easy to find low cost solutions, you just need a little imagination and creativity and knowing how to trust the advice of professionals in the sector, able to give future spouses an original, elegant and sustainable wedding starting from the traditional wedding.

“Wedding at all costs” coming up with Michelle Carpente

The presenter in this regard, commented his role as a professional in the wedding field:

As a professional in the sector, I make myself available to couples who instead choose another path, giving them advice on how to save on the most important expense items in a marriage, without having to give up or worse to ask for loans. Precisely for this reason the company that produced the format is SmartWed Srl, a new challenge of mine! The creation of a digital platform, accessible to all, which will change the way a wedding is organized. In fact, there is still no service on the market that can give couples the security of a guaranteed budget with a punctual and quality service even for lower budgets. It was a great adventure, also because the work to be done between production and weddings was concentrated in just five weeks.

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