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Weekend Family, the first season on Disney +

Weekend Family, the first season on Disney +! One of the funniest news of this month of March 2022. From tomorrow, March 9th, it will be available in streaming on Disney +, the first season of “Weekend Family”. The series belongs to the comedy genre and is set and shot in France. Read the article to find out more!

“Le Week-end c’est Cardio!” reads the slogan on the cover of “Weekend Family“Or” Family weekend “in the Italian translation. Everything suggests that the weekend can represent something very eventful in this series, and in fact it will be!

All together for the weekend

Week-End in Famiglia puts on stage the adventures of a family not really considered traditional. Among the difficulties that belong to all the elements, they certainly share a very great one predisposition to chaos! Every weekend, the protagonist, Fredhas in custody his three daughters. He has a decidedly cheerful character and loves fun. His three daughters have personalities and ways of being very different from each other.

Clara she is an idealist, Victoire it is decidedly eccentric and finally there is Romy which is absolutely too demanding. But you know, different personalities are necessarily to be welcomed and made to live together within a family. All this also represents the “beautiful” side of such a diverse family unit. But unfortunately things get even more complicated, since every Fred’s daughter has a different mom. To complete the picture it fits Stan, Fred’s best friend who will always be in the middle, ready and present to make their weekends even more hectic.

But it doesn’t stop there! Meanwhile, Fred has fallen in love again and wants to bring his new girlfriend to live with him: the sweet Emmanuelle. She is a Canadian immigrant with only an incomplete PhD in child psychology. Together with Fred and thanks to the various pseudo-advice of Cora, her best friend, Emmanuelle will have to put aside her books and her theories and find her role within this chaotic time frame of the weekends!

Weekend Family, the first season on Disney +

The comedy series is aimed at a teen audience. It is produced by Elephant International per Walt Disney Company and has been awarded in many countries internationally. In Italy the March 9, 2022 the first season consisting of 8 episodes lasting about 22 minutes. In the cast we will meet Eric Judor, Liona Bordonaro, Midie Dreyfus, Roxane Barrazuol, Annelise Hesme, Jeanne Bournaud.

We just have to discover this new comedy dimension proposed by Disney +! Watch the trailer by clicking here and write us in the comments!

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