Weeshop chooses Scandit to improve the Shopping Experience

Weeshop sceglie Scandit per migliorare la Shopping Experience thumbnail

Weeshop has chosen Scandit to raise the quality level of its own shopping experience and improve consumer awareness in the field of food culture. The fruits of this collaboration will be precisely in favor of the customers, who will have the opportunity to make purchasing decisions that are highly informed.

Orphanage is an app that informs the customer about the quality, health, social and environmental impact of the products they buy. He climbs is a leader in enterprise solutions for mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR). The collaboration aims to make the customer more and more informed and able to make rational decisions, based on real data and parameters.

Operation of the Weeshop and Scandit service to improve the shopping experience

Consumers will be able to scan the barcodes of the products so that they can immediately see the data sheet with all the information necessary for an informed decision. In this way customers will be able to really orient themselves towards the goods that best suit their needs.

The ability to scan the barcode will be present directly in the Weeshop app. The only requirement is to have a smartphone with a camera, an absolutely basic feature present on practically any device.

It is a really useful service and oriented towards satisfaction and the consumer welfare. In a historical moment in which great importance is given to transparency and conscious consumption, Weeshop and Scandit certainly did not stand by and watch.

The words of Devin Visani

Devin Visani, CEO & Founder of Weeshop, he has declared:

“We were already familiar with Scandit and knew that the services offered were among the best on the market. When we needed to make a qualitative leap, we studied together the best solution to offer complete product sheets, usable from any mobile device. Thanks to this choice, we will be able to create a sense of community among consumers, sharing objective information on products and promoting greater responsibility and awareness of the products that are purchased and consumed. “