Wekiwi and the project of an application dedicated to electric mobility

Wekiwi sta progettando un'app dedicata alla mobilità elettrica thumbnail

Wekiwi is working on an app that will simplify charging at the charging stations for electric and plug-in hybrid cars. The brand, after having landed in France, is ready to land in Spain, a symptom of constant expansion and in step with the times.

Wekiwi and the new adventure in the automotive market

Wekiwi, the first total digital operator in Italy, is ready to land on the automotive market with an app dedicated to electric mobility. The application will make it easier to recharge electric and plug-in hybrid cars, both at the charging stations and from home. The brand, born as a spin-off of Tremagi Group, he is also the owner of the electricity company Illumia. It is therefore a question of adding a new and important piece to one’s smart energy proposals. alongside the sale of electricity and gas throughout the Italian and French national territory.

With the launch of the new app, Wekiwi aims to position itself as an innovative service provider, thus entering the automotive market. A move that comes at an important moment, given the recent news ban on the sale of combustion cars starting from 2035. The company’s success is to be found in the flexibility given by its small size.

After Italy and France, the brand is ready to land in Spain

“The growth of these years confirms the initial intuition: to offer a flexible, clear and convenient way of purchasing energy. Wekiwi is now synonymous with innovation, which is why it is highly appreciated abroad, as well as by the automotive world “commented Massimo Bello, founder of Wekiwi.

The company aims to achieve 100 thousand customers within the year. A good portion of these is represented by the French market where they have been present for two years. Also within the year Wekiwi will also land in Spain.