Il bastone per ciechi e ipovedenti di WeWALK può contare sul supporto di Moovit thumbnail

WeWALK’s cane for the blind and visually impaired can count on the support of Moovit

Moovit, developer of a reference app for urban mobility, e WeWALK, English startup producing the innovative white stick Smart Canand, give life to a new partnership. The goal of the partnership is to make cities more accessible for all people with visual impairments. From this month of December, users of the WeWALK Smart Cane white cane will receive the directions from the Moovit app hands-free or via earphones. These indications may be useful for identifying public transport stops and for knowing when your vehicle is arriving or when you are close to the desired stop.

Moovit and WeWALK together for a new partnership with the aim of making cities more accessible to people with visual impairments

WeWALK can rely on complete mapping of the public transport network of 112 countries in the world (Including Italy). The user, through the WeWALK app, can set their destination and receive directions from the WeWALK Smart Cane white cane, avoiding obstacles and architectural barriers.

WeWALK, connecting to Moovit, will provide directions on public transport to take. Moovit will provide various types of directions from the stop location to confirmation that the user is in the right direction. Information will also be provided in real time on the arrival of the various vehicles and step-by-step information throughout the journey.

There will also be voice notifications when you need to get off the means of transport and also notices relating to changes in public services.

The comment of the protagonists

Yovav Meydad, global head of marketing for Moovit, underlines: “With this partnership we are sure to be able to offer the blind and visually impaired an important contribution to increase their autonomy in traveling in large urban areas and, consequently, improve their quality of life”. Jean Marc Feghali, manager in charge of the development of WeWALK, adds: “Providing information on the local public transport network is an extraordinary step towards realizing our mission, and our promise, to define complete mobility for people with visual impairments”

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